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Title: Op-Eds from the Priests for Life Pastoral Team
  Author: Priests for Life - 8/23/2017
Title: Prayer for America with President Trump and Company
  Author: Evangelist Alveda King , Director, Civil Rights for the Unborn - 8/22/2017
Title: Fr. Applauds Texas Lawmakers for Protecting Consumers from Having to Finance Abortions
  Author: Priests for Life - 8/14/2017
Title: Op-Eds Regarding the HHS Mandate
  Author: Fr. Frank Pavone , National Director, Priests for Life - 8/12/2017
Title: Evangelist Alveda King: “Thank you God. Strengthen President Trump”
  Author: Alveda King, Director, Civil Rights for the Unborn - 7/27/2017
Title: Alveda King: President Trump is Fighting for Civil Rights Because He Protects Unborn Children
  Author: Micaiah Bilger - 7/17/2017
Title: Fr. Pavone, Alveda King included in AFA Journal tribute to “40 Faithful”
  Author: Priests for Life - 7/6/2017
Title: MLK niece: Free abortions for illegals is 'eugenic racism'
  Author: Alicia Powe - 7/6/2017
Title: Dr. Martin Luther King's niece is right - greatest human rights struggle today is battle for unborn
  Author: Alban Maginness - 7/5/2017
Title: Priest-activist: Trump 'a blessing' for the Church
  Author: Matt C. Abbott - 6/9/2017
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