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7th Annual NightVision Festival Advocates Sanctity of Human Life

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Fr. Frank, Janet Morana, Dr. Theresa Burke, and I participated in the annual NightVision musical festival this past weekend. We flew out to Colorado a couple of days early for some pre-event activities that included a special pastors’ luncheon to help encourage the clergy to preach, teach, and mobilize their congregations in an effort to end abortion and euthanasia.

According to an ASSIST News Service report, last year’s event “[drew] more than 25,000 attendees.”

This year’s NightVision included talks from myself, African American Outreach, and fellow Priests for Life’s Fr. Frank, National Director of Priests for Life and Dr. Theresa Burke, Founder of Rachel’s Vineyard, Nancy Alcorn, and comedians John Gray and Nazareth.

Musical acts included Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, Superchick, Sanctus Real, The Museum, Fireflight, Charlie Hall, and Josh Wilson.

Other entertainment will include Xtreme Sports, a Kids Corner, workshops, fireworks, and more.

According to the article, “Founder and President of Praise Him Ministries, Victoria Hearst commented. NightVision is an event that families come to and the profile message, the gospel of life is all about family. Abortion kills children and children are the heart of the family.”

We had a great time and many families did too!

Read the entire story by Michael Ireland here.

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Saint’s Daughter Declares, “My Mom’s Life Has Been a Hymn To Life!”

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Date: July 11, 2011

Contact: Andre Kim

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Dr. Gianna Emanuela Molla began her first visit to the United States with a visit to the New York headquarters of Priests for Life on Monday, July 11, to enshrine a photo and relic of her mother, St. Gianna Molla, a patron saint of the pro-life movement.

“God loved my mother very much,” Dr. Molla said while addressing the staff of the Catholic, pro-life ministry. But she added that “God chose her among many saint mothers. There must be many saint mothers in paradise.”

St. Gianna Beretta Molla was a physician who grew up near Milan. When she and her husband, Pietro, were expecting their fourth child, St. Gianna learned she had a tumor in her uterus. She decided against a hysterectomy that would have saved her life but kill her unborn child. Gianna Emanuela was born April 21, 1962. Her mother died on April 28.

“I would not be here with you if I had not been loved so much,” said Dr. Molla, who lives near Milan.

Dr. Molla spoke of her mother’s upbringing in a very religious family. St. Gianna was the 10th of 13 children, five of whom died in childhood. Her younger sister became a nun and two brothers became priests. One of them, Father Alberto Maria Beretta, has been declared a “Servant of God” in the cause for canonization.

St. Gianna, born in 1922, was a deeply religious young woman who chose to become a physician because she saw it “as the most effective means of apostolate,” according to her daughter.

“All my mom’s life has been a hymn to life,” Dr. Molla said. “She died in the same exemplary way she lived. Her holiness represents something extraordinary … a holiness in which everyone can feel at home.”

Accompanied by Thomas McKenna, founder of the St. Gianna Physicians Guild, and Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, Dr. Molla hung a photo of her mother holding her sister, Mariolina, in the lobby of Priests for Life headquarters. Below the photo is a relic of St. Gianna – a piece of cloth from a garment worn by the saint.

The St. Gianna Physicians Guild encourages doctors to become pro-life advocates. McKenna said the guild enshrines photos and relics of St. Gianna in medical offices, and encourages doctors to become members. A lapel pin from the guild is often a conversation starter for a doctor and his or her colleagues. If someone asks about the pin “all you do is tell the story” of St. Gianna’s life and sacrificial death, he said. Father Pavone and Janet Morana, executive director of Priests for Life, were made honorary members of the guild.

“We need to show that faith and morality go together,” for doctors, McKenna said.

Speaking of St. Gianna during Mass in the Priests for Life chapel, Father Pavone said “the act of sacrifice she made at the end of her life was not an isolated act,” but the culmination of a life of piety.

In a homily focused on Jesus’ words, “This is My body,” Father Pavone said that many mothers today say, “This is my body, I can do what I want, even if it means killing the baby. … St. Gianna said, ‘this is my body, given to you.’ “

Dr. Molla said she came to know her mother through the memories of her father, who died last year at the age of 98. She was taught not to feel guilt over her mother’s death, and her siblings were reassured that the mother who was taken from them would have died for them as well.

“My mother chose to risk her life for me, but she always hoped God would save her life, too,” Dr. Molla said. “God prepared for my mother a bigger design. I am happy to share my mother with all those persons who are in difficulty.”

Dr. Molla will speak at events in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California and Nebraska. On July 23, she will participate in a conference in Kansas City, Mo., organized by the St. Gianna Physicians Guild to address end-of-life issues.

For more information on her visit, please visit

Priests for Life is the nation’s largest Catholic pro-life organization dedicated to ending abortion and euthanasia. For more information, visit Priests for Life.

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Caylee Anthony: Death Of The Innocent

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Jeremiah 4:31 – I hear a cry as of a woman in labor, a groan as of one bearing her first child – the cry of the Daughter of Zion gasping for breath, stretching out her hands and saying, “Alas! I am fainting; my life is given over to murderers.”

Little Caylee Anthony is dead. She will never bear her first child. Like the millions of little girls aborted in the womb, they and Caylee will never bear their own babies. Their lives have been snuffed out before they can ever dream of being mothers. This is very sad.

Talk about a broken justice system. How about a broken heart? America has just witnessed a great tragedy. A little girl, Caylee is dead. Her mother was accused of killing her daughter; then she was acquitted. America’s dirty laundry was aired in the news while the world stood by watching. Yes America, we have dirty laundry. We stand by as spectators while our innocents are slaughtered! Once again, Americans have been found watching on the sidelines while the tragedy of a death of innocence goes unanswered.

What do I mean by this? Like little Caylee, millions of other little American babies are dead. Unlike Caylee, these little babies are being killed in the womb of their mothers by abortion. Casey Anthony didn’t want to be a mother. She went out dancing while her daughter Caylee was missing and most likely dead.

The real tragedy doesn’t end with little Caylee’s death. Her mother is not doing so well either. Casey can pretend to be jubilant about her so called victory, but somewhere inside that shell that we call Casey Anthony, is a soul in deep denial and most likely deeper depression. Mothers who abort their babies often experience trauma after the loss. Little Caylee’s death represents a late-late term abortion. Her life has been cut off just as surely as if she had been aborted in Casey’s womb; only it happened a couple of years later. So in a way, Casey is post-abortive. Surely Casey is traumatized about everything that is happening, including her alleged molestation history, the death of her daughter and all of the other drama that her family is experiencing.

My heart is broken. Let me just go on record before God by publically stating that I am so very sorry that Caylee is dead. I am sorry that her family; her mother, her dad, her grandparents, uncle, other relatives and neighbors and friends, and yes, the jury who acquitted Casey are so dysfunctional as to allow all of this to happen.

Even if Casey was acquitted of murder, she is guilty of not protecting her baby and pro-choice American are just as guilty of not protecting the unborn.

I reached out to a friend in my grief, and was comforted by her response that I am not alone in feeling shock, hurt and anger at a system, a nation and a world who allow our innocents to suffer and die.

She said that this is not only a miscarriage of justice — it’s an abortion of justice — and a termination of belief in the legal system.  It’s hostage to the culture of death!

I agree with my friend. The justice system is hostage to the culture of death. To date, our justice system upholds Roe VS Wade, the law that allows the slaughter by abortion of little babies in the womb. Now, that same justice system has allowed the death of little Caylee to go unanswered. Let us pray for little Caylee and her misguided family. Let us pray for all the little children in danger of abortion and all the other cruel tragedies that are lurking in their lives. It is all too sad.

With all this being said, we must also look to the future with hope! Hope that we awaken to the reality that abortion kills babies and hurts women and men. Hope that we will pray constantly for the end of abortion in our country and around the world. Hope that all children those in the womb and those that are born will not be harmed in any way. Hope that some good can come from such a tragedy as little Caylee’s death. And most importantly, Hope because Jesus has already won victory over death through His death on the cross and His resurrection from death.

Victory is already ours but we must do our part. We must pray and protect the unborn and indeed all children to the best of our ability until that victory is realized, in God’s time.

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Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Film Screening


The stunning new feature-length movie that exposes a hidden plan
to eliminate the African-American Population.

Saturday, August 13th 2011

@ 7:00 pm

The Los Angeles Film School

 6363 Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028


Parking is available for $8 at the LA Film School
For more information, please call and leave a message at 424-204-6296 (voicemail)

DVDs will be available for purchase at a discounted rate at the screening and online at

It is called Maafa21, a Swahili  word which means “A terrible tragedy” and used to define the time of the middle passage during  the slave trade and “21st century” because it reveals the “Maafa” has not ended but is still being carried out.

Maafa 21  exposes a plan to create “racial purity” that began 150 years ago and is still being carried out right now. It’s about the ties between the Nazis, the American eugenics movement and today’s “family planning” cartel. It’s about elitism, secret agendas, treachery and corruption at the highest levels of political and corporate America.  Maafa 21 and is routinely called “stunning,” “breathtaking,” and “jaw-dropping”  and will show you things the media has been hiding and politicians don’t want you to know.

Many viewers have said they were left “speechless” by what they saw and several have told us that it filled them with anger.  One African-American pastor and 1960’s civil rights activist said, “I had always been suspicious about some of this stuff, but this film connects the dots in a way I never really understood before.”  Another described it as “lightening in a bottle.”
Produced by Life Dynamics in Denton, Texas, Maafa21 has been shown twice in the Capitol Visitor Center Theater in Washington.

Shortly after its release, Maafa21 was selected as the featured film in the March 2010 Jubilee Film Festival in Selma, Al. to commemorate the right to vote and remember the historic “Bloody Sunday” anniversary of the Bridge Crossing Civil Rights march from Selma-to-Montgomery.  In addition, Maafa21 was featured in the 2010 Real Life Film Festival in Sudbury, Ontario.  Audiences across the United States are gathering for screenings of Maafa21 in homes, churches, theaters, Universities, and community centers.

The DVD cover reads:
They were stolen from their homes, locked in chains and taken across an ocean. And for more than 200 years, their blood and sweat would help to build the richest and most powerful nation the world has ever known. But when slavery ended, their welcome was over. America’s wealthy elite had decided it was time for them to disappear and they were not particular about how it might be done. What you are about to see is that the plan these people set in motion 150 years ago is still being carried out today. So don’t think that this is history. It is not. It is happening right here, and it’s happening right now.

View the Trailer for Maafa21 Here

Sample quotes from the film:
“ Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided,
there was concern about population growth and
particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”
Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, July 2009

“Under the cover of an alleged campaign to ‘alleviate poverty,’ white supremacist Americans and their dupes are pushing an all-out drive to put rigid birth control measures into every black home. No such drive exists within the white American world.”
Black Unity Party, 1968

“ I consider that the world and almost our civilization for the next twenty-five years, is going to depend upon a simple, cheap, safe contraceptive to be used in poverty stricken slums, jungles, and among the most ignorant people.  Even this will not be sufficient, because I believe that now, immediately, there should be national sterilization for certain dysgenic types of our population who are being encouraged to breed and would die out were the government not feeding them.”
Planned Parenthood Founder, Margaret Sanger, 1950

Producer, Mark Crutcher, is available for interviews
Contact the producers here : 940-380-8800

[WARNING: This video may not be suitable for children under age 13. Part of the film talks about racism and does mention some racial slurs.  The film also shows a video from Planned Parenthood that is not suitable for very small children. There is no profanity, but the subject matter and educational use of racial slurs are not for children. Please be aware that small children should not be in attendance.]

DISCLAIMER: Due to the controversial nature of this film, This program is not sponsored by the Los Angeles Film School.

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Abortion Supporter Bloodies Peaceful Pro-Life Activist in Violent Beating

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

VIDEO of attack: Violent Abortion Supporter Draws Blood in Vicious Attack

Albuquerque, NM – A woman who claimed to be a supporter of abortion violently attacked peaceful pro-life protesters yesterday outside Southwestern Women’s Options, a late-term abortion clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico, inflicting wounds that left one protester bloody.

The woman was angry and told the pro-lifers that she had once had an abortion. She then began to viciously punch and kick Bud Shaver, a former Operation Rescue intern, and a woman named Chris. She used keys as a weapon, inflicting a deep gash on Shaver’s head that paramedics said required stitches.

Help Bud Shaver get justice. Contact:
Albuquerque Police Chief Ray Schultz
Voice: (505) 768-2200

Read the entire story at Operation Rescue.

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LIFE is neither Democrat nor Republican, White nor Black, Man nor Woman

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

The issue of “LIFE” is not to be determined by your political affiliation, your religious beliefs, your skin color, your age, or your gender. Life is a human issue.

And as humans we should all want to preserve our race, the human race. Not the White race, the Brown race, the Yellow race, or the Black race, but the one human race.

Yet there are many misconceptions about the Pro-Life movement. Many think that it’s made up of Republican, Catholics, Whites, middle to upper age, men. But the reality is that the Pro-Life movement is made up of people from all political parties, all walks of life, all skin colors, all religious beliefs, all genders, and all ages. The lies that continue the misconceptions are spread by the Pro-Abortion movements that want people of color and women to think that the rich, White men want to control them by controlling their bodies and their reproductive health.

The truth is that in today’s America if somebody says they stand for life, others shouldn’t say, “but you’re a Democrat.” Nobody should assume that if someone is a Catholic, they’re Pro-Life or if you’re young that you’re Pro-Choice.

One such case is Representative Daphne Campbell, a Democrat from South Florida who stood up for life and was attacked by other Democrats. In a recent video/press conference she stated that a bill she’s going to introduce next year is “not a Democrat bill; it is not a Republican bill.”

Another example is the women and men of Silent No More Awareness Campaign. These women and men are speaking out about the horrors, pain, and deceptions of abortion. They’re telling their stories of how abortion has touched their lives, the damaging effects of abortion and how they found healing and forgiveness.

And yet another group that goes contrary to the misconception is the National Black Pro-Life Coalition (NBPC), a group of Black Pro-Life Leaders that joined forces to expose the abortions industry for the racist, eugenics-rooted business that it is. They are working to fight against the genocide of the Black community by the abortion industry as a whole and specifically against Planned Parenthood, whose founder, Margaret Sanger, once said, “Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.”

Life is a basic right, a right that every human person should have. The scientific evidence is clear. A baby in the womb, from the moment of conception, is a unique individual human being different from his/her mother. The baby has twenty-three chromosomes from the father and twenty-three chromosomes from the mother. The baby is not a part of the father and is not a part of the mother. He/she is living human person. Nobody can deny that.

A judge in Indiana recently rendered a judgment that specifically said, “Human physical life begins when a human ovum is fertilized by a human sperm.” Steve Aden, a pro-life attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund said in comments to, “No one should be allowed to decide that an innocent life is worthless. Abortionists have done this by telling women that a pre-born baby is just a batch of cells instead of what he or she actually is: a human being. This law ends that deception in Indiana,” he said. “All the court did was recognize the indisputable fact that a biological human life begins at conception. It is false to say anything else.”

I don’t understand why anyone would be against life.

I am a Black woman and I am PRO-LIFE.

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Happy Independence Day

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

The Fourth of July is “Independence Day,” where Americans honor the birthday of the United States. It’s a day of picnics and patriotic parades, a night of concerts and fireworks, and a reason to fly the American flag. People tend to forget the great battle between Britain and what would become “The United States of America.”Victory was declared on July 4, 1776 and Fourth of July was born; the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed.
Let us consider a few landmark events that have impacted the freedom of America: July 1, 1773 – William Newton wrote the song AMAZING GRACE; Newton was a former slave ship captain. July 4, 1776 – America became an independent nation. In 1807, after a long battle led by abolitionists William Penn and Wilbur Wilberforce, slave trade was outlawed in Europe. 1861 – Beginning of America’s Revolutionary War; The War Between the States. January 1, 1863 – President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. 1865 – The War Between the States Ends. June 19, 1865 – Texas celebrates the first Juneteenth; African American holiday to celebrate end of slavery. 1955 – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. joins ranks with Mrs. Rosa Parks to lead the Montgomery Bus Boycott. December 21, 1956 – Montgomery buses are integrated. July 2, 1964 – Passage of Civil Rights Act outlawing eugenics based discrimination against blacks and women. January 20, 2009 – Mr. Barack Obama, a man with brown skin becomes President of the United States. May 2011 – Herman Cain, a U. S. businessman with brown skin enters the race for President of the United States, defying the political status quo that has existed for over two centuries.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that “there comes a time when people get tired of being trampled by oppression… It is time that we stopped our blithe lip service to the guarantees of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. These fine sentiments are embodied in the Declaration of Independence, but that document was always a declaration of intent rather than of reality. There were slaves when the Declaration of Independence was written; there were still slaves in America on July 4, 1776; and to this day, Black Americans have not life, liberty, nor the privilege of pursuing happiness, and millions of poor white Americans are in economic bondage that is scarcely less oppressive. Americans who genuinely treasure our national ideals, who know they are still illusive dreams for all too many should welcome the stirring of Negro demands. They are shattering the complacency that allowed a multitude of social evils to accumulate. Negro agitation is requiring America to reexamine it’s comforting myths and may yet catalyze the drastic reforms that will save us from social catastrophe. When millions of people have been cheated for centuries, restitution is a costly process. Inferior education, poor housing, unemployment, inadequate health care-each is a bitter component of the oppression that has been our heritage… Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable. Every step toward the goal of justice requires a sacrifice, suffering and struggle… This is a time for vigorous and positive action.”
Brothers and sisters, Dr. King was right. This is a time for vigorous and positive action. We as a people, members of the one human race have true freedom in our reach. We can get there through fervent prayer, sincere faith in God, and love and forgiveness. America has problems, the economy is suffering, there are natural and unnatural disasters, the politicians are like the kings of ancient Bible days; they worship idols and serve themselves while pretending to care about those they are sworn to protect. (Ps.1)
We are at a time in history where Christians can cry out to God in repentance and experience a revival like the world has never known. Today, I believe Dr. King would finish the speech this way:
“Christian Americans who genuinely treasure our national ideals, who know they are still illusive dreams for all too many, should welcome the stirring of The Holy Spirit and make prayerful demands. Prayers are shattering the complacency that allowed a multitude of social evils to accumulate. Fervent prayer is requiring America to reexamine it’s comforting myths and may yet catalyze the drastic reforms that will save us from social catastrophe. When millions of people have been cheated for centuries, restitution is a costly process. Inferior education, poor housing, unemployment, inadequate health care-each is a bitter component of the oppression that has been our heritage… Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable. Every step toward the goal of justice requires a sacrifice of prayer; a commitment to faith; and the strength to love and forgive… This is a time for vigorous and positive prayer.” So let’s end today by saying that we a people who were once oppressed are now free in Jesus Christ. We whom the Son has set free are free indeed. We are at a great moment in history.
Our prayers can bring the freedom that American has been seeking for so long. Luke 4:18 NIV “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed”. Jesus Christ

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NBPLC Releases New EPIDEMIC Video at

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Leaders say Anniversary of Civil Rights Act of 1964 should remember another class of victims of discrimination — the babies

Contact: John, 888-619-6272

ATLANTA, July 1, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ — The National Black Prolife Coalition released a new EPIDEMIC video today at Coalition spokespersons say that the Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 should recognize babies in the womb as a class of unprotected human beings targeted by abortion.

“July 2, marks the Anniversary of The Civil Rights Act of 1964. This landmark US legislation outlawed major forms of eugenics-based discrimination against blacks and women. It ended discriminatory voter requirements, and enforced the reconstruction amendments that finally ascribed humanity to Black Americans,” said Ryan Bomberger of The Radiance Foundation.

“This monumental anti-discrimination act falls short of protecting America’s weakest and most vulnerable class of human beings, the babies in the womb. Even the ‘Women’s Rights Movement’ should recognize the harm to the rights of the baby girls in the womb. Other monumental events in America’s history also did not foresee the potential harm of failure to protect all innocent unborn babies,” said Dr. Alveda King of African American Outreach at Priests for Life.

July 4, 1776 – Independence Day honors the birthday of the United States of America and the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. “Who could have imagined that by 2011 over 50 million American babies, with over 15 million of them being Black American babies, would have been executed by the act of abortion?” asks Arnold M. Culbreath of Protecting Black Life.

January 1, 1863 — President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. “Who would ever dream that by 2011 African American babies would be the most vulnerable people group to be executed by abortion, or that their mothers would be the most targeted market for the abortion industry?” added Alveda King.

January 20, 2009 — America inaugurated Mr. Barack Obama, the first president with brown skin. “Who could have ever envisioned that America would be in a monumental battle for life in the cross-hairs of an abortion controversy during his term of office?” asks Rev. Walter Hoye of Issues4Life.

“Abortion was illegal in 1964, but other forms of genocide such as sterilization and chemical manipulation in the execution of population control (although executed undercover) were common,” said Pastor Stephen Broden of Dallas, TX.

“Evidence of the ongoing eugenics and genocidal practices targeting our women and babies is apparent in the cases of Representative Daphne Campbell, a Democratic politician from South Florida who stood up for her pro-life stance and was challenged by other Democrats; and eugenics sterilization victim Elaine Riddick,” added Dr. Alveda King.

Prolife Advocate Catherine Davis concludes: “We applaud the state of Arizona for passing civil rights legislation that affords the baby protection like the Civil Rights Act provided women and blacks in America. As EPIDEMIC demonstrates the black community is being depopulated by abortion. We are working to make it stop!”

The leaders say that African Americans have been betrayed by those who are supposed to protect its citizens. More information is available at the National Black Prolife Coalition.

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