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I met a woman, Lisa Shaw today during a nice visit to A Center for Women in Orlanda, FLA today. I’m also here for the Morris Cerullo World Evangelism Conference. More about that later.
Lisa and I talked about a new book available at returnofthechildren.com. It’s about babies who come back to visit post-abortive parents. Lisa and I have both had that experience in real life, visits from our aborted babies… Sounds kinda sci-fi I know, but it happens…
Check out Lisa’s powerful blog and website!
Here are the links: http://hislovecoversoursins.blogspot.com/ http://www.lisashawshares.blogspot.com/ http://hislovecoversoursins.blogspot.com/
www.lisashawministries.org return-of-the-children

2 Responses to “A blog from a new friend”

  1. Lisa Shaw says:

    Hi Dr. King,

    It was an honor meeting and speaking with you today. Thank you for sharing your LIFE with us and your stance for LIFE! Thank you for sharing about our visit and our experiences. I will share your blog on my blog, facebook and website when I do posts in the morning.

    I count you a friend and sister in Christ and am honored to do so. Praying GOD’s continued favor and blessings over you. Standing for LIFE with you in CHRIST.

    Lovingly in Christ,

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