Abortion Supporters I Choose Life Campaign Is A Good Start But They Ignore The Deadly Impact Of Abortion In Their Campaign

In the “I Choose Life” website under the “About Us” tab, they state that “every 9½ minutes, someone in the US is infected with HIV” (statistic from CDC). Not dies from HIV, but is infected with HIV. And they call this an epidemic, which it may be. But, compare that to the fact that every 9½ minutes over 23 babies are killed by abortion, I ask you, “Which is the worst epidemic?”

It is a noble cause for the “National Action Network (NAN) [to launch] a five-year “I Choose Life” campaign, in partnership with social, civic, civil rights organizations and the medical community that will address five major interrelated health concerns and disparities facing the African American community; diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure (hypertension), HIV/AIDS (STD’s), mental health and obesity. National Action Network (NAN) has developed a vital, inclusive and workable cooperative project between the African American community and a network of health providers, advocates, activists, community leaders and organizations, clergy, celebrities, governmental allies, persons directly affected, as well as those vulnerable.” However, they fail to include the greatest threat to the African American community, abortion. If they are really serious about helping the most vulnerable, they need to include abortion because no one is more vulnerable than those that do not have a voice. How can you say ‘I choose life” while choosing to murder your child. If you’re going to choose life, choose life for everyone.

In their mission statement they claim to “improve the health of the African American community … [by] [d]rawing on its life-affirming cultural values and internal resources, to enable the community to become effectively informed, organized and engaged in a cooperative health care and prevention project focused on choosing life and rejecting ideas and actions which lead to health deterioration and death.” With half of Black’s abortions ending in abortion, that can hardly be viewed as “life-affirming cultural values.” Additionally, with so many “activists, community leaders and organizations, clergy, celebrities, governmental allies” ignoring the truth about abortion, how is the African American community going to be “effectively informed, organized and engaged?”

To Rev. Al Sharpton, President of “I Choose Life”, I say, “We in the African American community appreciate what you’re trying to do to combat health issues in our community but until the most important issue of abortion is addressed, if Planned Parenthood has its way, there won’t be a black community to worry about, let alone worry about their health.”

“Rev. Sharpton, I challenge you to speak out about abortion to your fellow brothers and sisters you care so much about. Expose the truth that is so evident. Join me in truly making our African American community one of life-affirming cultural values.”

God Bless!

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