Abortion will end where it began… in NYC – Dr. Alveda King: Dr. King pulls back the curtains and a downtrodden people stand in the light of Gods healing love and mercy!

Dear Friends !

Chris Slattery stood in the doorway between our past and our present and he opened the door to our future in our pro life movement.

Rev. Arnold Culbreath’s comment about the 3rd Wave of the pro life movement being composed of black and hispanic sidewalk counselor;
Fr. Richard Gill describing being on Bleecker St, in the village where 80% of the people there for abortion were black and hispanic and 100% of the deathscorts were white. He noted of the 4.3 million babied killed in NYC, 3.5 million were black and hispanic. He said, “Why is it PPFA targets black and hispanic… 100 years after the civil war ended.
Then he said, if we wanted an economic stimulus package, half the kids killed by abortion could be earning a living and paying taxes….

From Pastor Michael Faulkner from the New Horizon Church in Harlem, who set a our spiritual gears in motion in his opening prayers to Pastor Bill Devlin’s spontaneous response to prayer in praying for the elevation of Bishop Roderick Caesar. Sr Pastor of Bethel Gospel Tabernacle, to provide leadership for the organization and implementation of the 3rd Wave’s arrival as pro life activists on the streets, our Lord provided us great insight into God’s mighty grace being shed upon a down trodden people.

This sweet land of liberty is singing, Ray, from every mountainside, and, Ray, we heard and we saw and we embraced these vessels of God’s love and mercy.

For, Dr. Alveda King declarations “Human Life is a Civil Right” and “Abortion is a Civil Wrong” and “Abortion will end where it began…. in NYC” and her transcendent presence revealing God’s love and faith for a downtrodden people moved us and provide the spark of Christ’s own love deep in hearts of New Yorkers.

Holy God, Immortal God, Mighty God, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

Ray, we see each other in the movement in the years ahead. God’s mighty grace has been shined upon a downtrodden people and they have been raised up to sing of His glory and write a new chapter in our salvation story!

Video of press conference regarding New York City abortion statistics.

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