Alveda King Remembers President Mandela’s Courage and His Smile


President Nelson Mandela paid a heavy price to stand against apartheid while campaigning for human justice and human dignity. His message still resonates though his weary, battle worn body has gone the way of those gone before him.

Long may we remember his courage, his fortitude and his gentle smile; none of which were ever tarnished during the years of his battles, oppression, incarceration, and the restorative years following his release. Ninety-five years of life is a fitting testimony to the strength of character of this legendary statesman.

A portrait hangs in my home. In the frame, poised between his fellow champions Martin and Malcolm, Mandela smiles while Martin is solemn and Malcolm is stoic. To be able to radiate joy in times of conflict is a gift. To experience their three different expressions, the combined epitome of the human dream of freedom is simply amazing.

President Mandela now takes his place in history. He will be missed. The world has lost a great leader.

3 Responses to “Alveda King Remembers President Mandela’s Courage and His Smile”

  1. William Murat says:

    Dr. Alveda, Nelson Mandela was a fierce pro-abortion guy. He and his party pushed legislation pro-abortion in South Africa and as a result South Africa have one of the most liberals legislation related to abortion. He was political responsable for many, many unborn deaths.

    He was friend of many dictators of the world. He was a fierce communist also… He said Cuba was a example of human rights! He was blind?

    Please chech this facts about Mandela.

    Wish you all the best

  2. Patricia Lyman says:

    Dr. King, with all due respect, your latest blog only digs the hole deeper in terms of your misplaced and disingenuous praise of this wholesale perpetrator of evil which by the way disproportionately victimized SA’s black population to the pleasure of Mandela, who invited in Intl Planned Parenthood to write abortion in stone into the new constitution. You know well that Dr. Johnny Hunter and multiple black prolifers traveled to SA and worked valiantly in the 1990s to stop it, but Mandela insisted on unlimited abortion in a formerly prolife country. For you to act as Mandela never knew he was killing babies is just not credible. He knew – and like most Communists, he just didn’t care. You are normally very credible and your statements regarding Mandela are surely disappointing. No media interview is worth that kind of compromise.

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