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This is a pro-abortion/pro-choice group who says they want to “help pregnant women.” Under the guise of saying that “personhood” is bad and dangerous for pregnant women, their video asks women to say no to the personhood rights of their babies. The Declaration of Independence clearly defines our identities from creation, so at conception, that new life is a person. The “advocates for pregnant women” want us to believe that the mother’s rights and lives are threatened by giving identity to the baby in her womb. Not so!
Why am I writing about this today? Last week, I received this desperate email below. It just begs for truth and people need to be warned. These scare tactics from pro-abortion groups like Advocates for Pregnant Women won’t work this time!
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Please..please…. help me deal with this video…. It makes a good case to not support the PERSONHOOD ACT…so please send me any and all relevant info that I can use to help protect the UNBORN and their MOTHERS.
Yours for “LIFE” RM
> hey ladies,
>  I did not know of this amendment and recently found out by a client. She began to ask me about it in fear. Her doc wanted to induce her at 38 weeks for no reason but convenience and she said no. Which then she asked me could be be forced into a Cesarean when she didn’t want one .I said no they can’t “force you to do anything you don’t want” . But when I began to research Personhood USA ,I found out you could be forced . I was shocked that this was passed. I believe that an unborn baby has rights but…… when do they override the mothers?
> This is very controversial
> I am ashamed I did not know about this. Am I the only one?
> com/watch? v=-3X4_p3yAC8
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PSB wrote in response to the above appeal:
We don’t have to discard the personhood law, but reshape it to deal with these complicated issues. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Those who advocate personhood ought to, in light of what appears to be abuse, redefine their intent and structure law to prevent the kind of abuse documented in this youtube presentation. I believe we who are apart of the culture of life have an obligation to ensure that there are no abuses connected with our purposes. We do that by crafting legislation that prevent abuse and affirms life.
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Amen. Just leaving a paper/excuse me/cyberspace trail…. Yours truly for life, Alveda

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