Beware of the Subtleties of the Evil One

Have you taken your children or grandchildren to see Wreck-It Ralph, the latest Disney movie released November 2, 2012?

I haven’t seen the film but my assistant took his granddaughter to see it this past weekend. After watching the movie it almost made him swear off movies. Or at lease go see the movie ahead of time before he takes his granddaughter to see another movie.

Kid’s movies should be made for kids. No innuendos, no bad language, no sexually suggestive material. Let the kids be kids. They will grow up fast enough. But I guess Disney doesn’t feel that way. They are trying to indoctrinate them at the earliest age possible.

If you haven’t heard of the movie, it’s about the characters of arcade video games, in particular, Wreck-It Ralph from the game Fix-It Felix. Ralph is the bad guy in the game and he is tired of being the bad guy. All he does is wreck the building and Felix comes behind him and fixes it for which he receives a medal. Ralph is tired of being the bad guy and wants to be a good guy so he can get a medal.

The movie is pretty good but for one particular scene. It’s very subtle and most people probably saw nothing wrong with it. But it’s there and every parent and grandparent needs to watch out for it.

In the movie all the bad guys get together for what looks like an ‘AA’ style support group. In this group sitting next to Ralph is a red colored character with horns that Ralph calls ‘Satan’ who quickly corrects him and says his name is ‘Sateen’ [my own spelling of how he says it]. The implication, I believe, is that, like the other video game bad guy characters, Satan is, as one of the characters says, “Ralph[Satan], you’re a bad guy but this doesn’t mean you are a BAD GUY.”

They close out the meeting with the Bad Guy Affirmation, including Satan – I am BAD, and that’s GOOD. I will never be GOOD, and that’s not BAD. There’s no one I’d rather be than ME.

With these type of subtle indoctrination our children are being steered towards a dangerous path; a path of destruction of their souls.

The bible warns, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who
put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for
sweet and sweet for bitter.” Isaiah 5:20

This type of indoctrination is what leads people to choosing an evil like abortion and calling it a good choice. The killing of an unborn child is never a good.

So, if you do go see the movie, make sure you talk with your children and grandchildren about this scene. Don’t assume that they aren’t paying attention. Use it as a teaching moment. Teach them that evil is always BAD. Teach them that Satan, regardless of what he may call himself, is always BAD and EVIL and that he is NOT GOOD.

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  1. Faith says:

    Thank you so much for this review…

    At our local public library, the section for young adults contains a lot of material that glamorizes evil. What’s worse is finding out that they consider the age range for young adults as beginning at eleven!

    On what planet is an eleven-year old considered a young adult?

  2. Yaoi says:



  3. God Forbid says:

    Instructing your readers to go against the morals of the movie, that maybe we don’t have to be what our makers, or our parents tell us to be, is a form of indoctrination in and of itself. Heaven forbid children discovered the world and chose to be what they wanted to in it regardless of their parents religous beleifs. What you consider “evil” is quite obviously everywhere seeing as you consider that to include just about anything not published by your own faith. And I understand your hesitancy but we do live in a world where children are adultized young. Not saying that I wish it to be that way, but no amount of coersion will change that. Its not the movies, or the evil, or the “indoctrination” driving your children to discover the world early. It’s your refusal to accept it, and the natural rebelling of children and teenagers. The constant desire to discover that which has been hidden. You seem to have a lot of faith, and good for you, but maybe you should try having a little faith in your own children, before they lose any and all desire to follow yours.

  4. alv3d@ says:

    Thank you for your comment.

    A parents role is to “teach and guide” their children, not just let them discover the world on their own. No good parent should do that. Yes, children are curious and at times rebellious, especially as teenagers, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t parent and protect them, even from themselves. Through guidance and nourturing our children can be who they want to be. Nobody should make a child be anyone but themselves. That doesn’t mean that you can’t teach them what is evil and what is good. Just like it would not be good to let your child play with a sharp knife when he is two years old.

    This blog was written because there are many in our society that are trying to peddle evil as good and good as evil. Whether you consider evil to be good doesn’t change the fact that it is evil.

    God bless you,
    Eugene Vigil
    Outreach Associate

  5. Esha says:

    I went to watch this movie last night with my daughters and not only was I offended and literally said ” wait, what?” when the seen about Satan came on but there was another scene where one of the characters in the bad guy meeting talked about crushing his enemies heads between his thighs and they showed a purple character playing with his nipple. They kids and I talked about everything we saw and asked for God to forgive US and rebuke the devices of the enemy. I hate that there are very few movies that are actually appropriate and good natured for children and adults.

  6. alv3d@ says:

    You are so right Esha. Thank you for pointing out the other scenes. At least you spoke with your children about them. Many don’t because they don’t even notice them anymore.

    God bless,
    Eugene Vigil
    Outreach Associate
    Priests for Life

  7. jay says:

    Ok, first i laughed of you comment but then I understand why you think that .I admit, Im not a great fan of religions but I think you just misinterpreted the character sateen, who is not THE Satan. He is just a game caractere playing a bad guys like Diablo in the game , in other word, he is just a actor who play a bad guy so he is not bad for real he is just hire to play the bad guy . the whole meeting was like a group of actor telling its hard to be the bad guys because people will think your are really bad .

    P.s sorry for my poor English
    I hope it will help

  8. alv3d@ says:


    I’m aware that in the movie the character of Sateen is not THE real Satan. But in a child’s mind the distinction is not as clear. It’s a form of getting people thinking a certain way. Have you ever heard the saying, “If you repeat a lie often enough times, people will believe it to be the truth.” We have to expose every lie such as when they said in the movie, “I’m bad and that’s good” [spoken by Sateen] which I wrote about in my original blog.

    I know that many people may say, “what’s the big deal?’ But I believe that that is what’s been going on for so long now. Like with abortion. Sixty years ago people thought that abortion was just such a horrible thing. Now it’s championed as a “good choice.” We are calling evil, good.

  9. Not an over protective parent says:

    Your kidding right? This must be a joke.
    If this is truly the idea that you conserved about then this is the wrong battle to fight it would be better to find a better means of communicating your over religionless them critiquing a children’s movie.

  10. Journalism student says:

    I’m sorry my biggest confusion is really with the massive jump from making the difference between good and evil to an allusion to about abortion if this is what truly sold the article to you the best choice is to talk about that unstead


  11. Alveda King says:

    Not an over protective parent,

    If you throw a frog into a boiling pot of water it will jump out. But if you put that same frog into a cold pot of water it will be content. Then you can turn up the heat and the frog will be content until it is cooked. That is the way our society functions. We, and our children, get exposed to something a little bit evil, then more and more until eventually we are accepting evil as good. We have to point it out at every step in order to get people to open their eyes and see evil for what it it.

  12. Some Kid says:

    Wow… I’m sorry but I thought this article was a joke, I don’t like to down talk people but you are all crazy. I’m religious, but I’m also a teenager, and if you think that in the world that we live in today you’re going to shield your children to this extent you are awfully mistaken. this is simply taking things too far, IT’S A DAMN MOVIE, if this is capable of “corrupting” your children then there was something wrong with them in the first place. sorry to tell you this but by protecting your children to this extent you’re going to cause more harm than good. I’m currently 15 and I’ve seen just about everything there is to see, I’ve watched every type of movie, and I’ve even met certain people that promote Satan… however half of those peoples parents are either too drunk to care or are this kind of strict and have caused their kids to rebel. I live in a family with very loose principles, I’m shielded from nothing, and yet I’m one of the kindest people I know. Hiding your children from everything just makes them think that there’s some reason your hiding it, THEY WILL FIND EVERYTHING OUT EVENTUALLY! there’s no protecting your kids from that, however you can spare them from caring about by making it no big deal. I’m not saying don’t punish your kids for bad behavior, by all means go ahead, just don’t expect that by shielding them they’ll never get into it. I’m never going to be on this site again so don’t reply and expect an answer, I just wanted to make it clear that this level of protection is just wrong, and to be quite honest cruel to your children.

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