Black Leaders Decry Planned Parenthood’s Partnership with Essence Magazine

July 10, 2012

Contact: Walter Hoye, II
Phone: 510-557-7716

Atlanta, GA – African American Leaders are again outraged that Planned Parenthood “will stop at nothing to debase Black Women. Their latest strategy is to infiltrate ESSENCE Magazine, a publication aimed at the African American female market,” say contributing authors to the new book LIFE AT ALL COSTS.

Rev. Walter Hoye, Christian minister and civil rights activist added the following: “Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the United States of America, has been caught on video tape targeting Black women for abortions, falsely claiming they provide mammograms for women and helping a Black pimp manage his underage sex ring. Do any of the above activities even remotely demonstrate a legitimate concern for Black America? In my opinion, Planned Parenthood is using the 2012 Essence Music Festival to portray themselves as an organization that cares about Black women. This satanic stronghold and sadistic sanctuary is the only strategy Planned Parenthood has left to retreat to in order to maintain their illegitimate air of credibility in the public square. As long as Black Americans are willing to sacrifice our children on the altar of legalized and tax-payer funded abortion on demand in Planned Parenthood clinics we lose.”

Day Gardner and Alveda King, co-producers of the reality news show THE VISION agree with Rev. Hoye. “Rev. Hoye is correct, and brave in the bargain. It takes courage to bring the truth to the light. In a recent expose of Planned Parenthood’s tactics, it was discovered that PPH is in league with members of the United States Congress. That of course is no secret, since PPH receives over $1 million dollars a day in American tax dollars to advance their so called Women’s Health Agenda, an agenda that is linked to distributing goods and services that are linked to abortion, abortion drugs and other agents that are linked to breast cancer, strokes, heart attacks and Black genocide.”

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