Body Parts for Sale: I Shudder to think what happened to my babies, says Alveda King

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As the scandalous saga of Planned Parenthood‘s harvesting of baby body parts continues, I shudder to think what happened to three of my babies. The issue isn’t only whether these transactions are legal or not. The question of human decency is also key.

As a post abortive mother, I shudder to think of what happened to bodies of three of my babies. My two abortions and a subsequent miscarriage in the 1970s,  all due to wrong thinking and misinformation from Planned Parenthood and the anti-life industry at large are all part of a dark season of my life. I write about these experiences in my books KING RULES, HOW CAN THE DREAM SURVIVE and SONS OF THUNDER.

I can remember the hours in the abortion facilities; the pain, the stress and duress of procedures that left my womb empty and my heart broken; having papers pushed before me for signature with minimal if any explanation. Like many women, I was there with conflicting thoughts and feelings. All that time not knowing that my babies would share in my pain.

As one woman explains: “I went for a procedure. Upon arrival, I was given five pills; two antibiotics and three sedatives. As I waited for the pills to take effect, I was given a clipboard of papers to sign. I was distracted and the duress was debilitating. The staff urged me to quickly finish my paperwork so that the procedure could take place.”

This is a common scenario. There is little time to consider what is happening; what will happen to the body of the mother and her baby. This is why a 48 hour waiting period between the consultation and procedure can be so key.

I didn’t have that precious time. And I and my children suffered the consequences. The Silent No More Awareness Campaign shares important details regarding the lack of disclosure a woman experiences during the “procedure” that can result in having her baby’s body parts harvested.

The issue of abortion is being danced around by media as this body part debacle unfolds. As all unravels, we will discover that there are heinous tentacles from a Three Headed Monster that are at the core of the assault on humanity.

It won’t be the media who helps heal the hearts and wombs of women. It will be prayer; as we see in this impassioned plea from a young woman.

Let us pray for strength as truth crushed to earth rises again.


3 Responses to “Body Parts for Sale: I Shudder to think what happened to my babies, says Alveda King”

  1. Geraldine Callaghan says:

    Please keep up the pressure and the exposure. Abortion is an abomination; selling the body parts is beyond barbaric. It really makes me sick through my stomach to even think about it. I really feel there is a change in the air at last.

  2. Linna McDonald says:

    I have prayed since 1973 for God to turn hearts away from these heinous acts, and I know that our prayers will be answered. I am a retired 8th grade Catholic school teacher and Youth Minister, and for years I taught pro-life and the Theology of the Human Body, much to the dismay and outright antagonism of some of the parents. For some time now, we have also contributed to Priests for Life.

    May God continue to bless you all in this most important work. Through Christ I know that all things are possible.

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