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Share God’s Love at Christmas

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

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It might just be wistful thinking, but I pray the Grinch doesn’t get to steal your Christmas this year. This season can be very commercial, all about giving and getting with little thought regarding the true meaning, which is the love of God and the ultimate gift of Christ. I pray that you find a few quiet moments to reflect, relax and receive His grace.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May God touch your life in a very special way during the holidays. Click HERE for audio message.

p.s. Watch this wonderful short video: The Christmas Scale

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A Special Gift at Christmas: A Prayer for our Leaders

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

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Click HERE to listen to the Christmas Prayer.

1 Timothy 2: … pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them. 2 Pray this way for kings and all who are in authority so that we can live peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity. 3 This is good and pleases God our Savior, 4 who wants everyone to be saved and to understand the truth.

It’s a privilege and necessity to pray for our leaders, their families, our nation and our government. Let’s pray not only for our president, but for all leaders. Do we really hate the sin, yet love the person bound by sin? Are we secretly asking God to kill those whom we perceive to be our enemies, instead of praying for them to be blessed?

And Jesus said in Matthew 5:44: “But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!

With compassion, let’s pray this Christmas that God will heal, use and protect their lives from destruction; that our world can recover and be rescued from the grip of sin and despair.

1. Pray that our leaders would have understanding to discern between good and evil.
2. Pray that the Bible and the teachings of Christ would characterize our leaders’ policies.
3. Pray that our leaders’ marriages would be kept a priority even in the midst of daily demands.
4. Pray that our leaders would become friends to those who honor Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
5. Pray that our leaders and all global would uphold the sacredness of marriage as a covenant only between a man and a woman.
6. Pray that our leaders would lead the way in protecting and upholding the value of the unborn, newborn, elderly, and those who are unable to care for themselves.
7. Pray that our leaders’ administrations will respect the place of Judeo-Christian values in our global society.
8. Pray that our leaders would have perseverance in leading the effort to defeat terrorism around the world.
9. Pray that the presidential family and families of all leaders would model lives of integrity, purity, and humility in the midst of high visibility.
10. Pray that our leaders would promote laws that enable God’s people to lead quiet and peaceful lives in godliness and honesty.
11. Pray that our leaders would be surrounded by wise, biblical counselors who have an understanding of the times.
12. Pray for physical, mental and emotional strength and courage as our leaders seek to serve our governments as stewards of God’s authority.
13. Pray for physical protection for our leaders’ families and administrations.
14. Pray that our leaders would make decisions that would allow Christ’s church in America and around the world to flourish.
15. Pray that our leaders would enact policies and legislation that protect the family, encourage parents, and uphold a biblical standard of righteousness.
16. Pray that our leaders would daily seek the God of heaven, and that they would exemplify true meekness and humility while addressing crucial issues.
17. Pray that our leaders would follow attempts to significantly curtail pornography, the human trafficking trade, and the triple threat of racism, reproductive genocide and sexual perversion.
18. Pray that God would clothe our leaders with wisdom and discernment to lead righteously.
19. Pray that our leaders’ administrations would be men and women of integrity in both their private and public lives.
20. Pray that the Lord would close the mouths of those who oppose righteousness.
21. Pray that our leaders would have wisdom and discernment on how to apply Scripture to our government’s fiscal policies.
22. Pray that the presidential family would avail themselves of the Lord’s help in facing each day’s challenges.
23. Pray that our leaders would be accountable to men who are morally upright in order to prevent any downfall due to pride or moral weakness.
24. Pray that our leaders would not allow their deep desire for unity to supersede their desire to do what is right according to God’s Word.
25. Pray that God would unite the nation behind our leaders in any decisions that honor God.
26. Pray that our leaders would establish protective hedges in areas of vulnerability to temptation.
27. Pray that our leaders would wisely handle the issues of the Middle East.
28. Pray that God would prompt our leaders to disarm all influences that seek to undermine godly principles.
29. Pray that our leaders will seek the heart of God for any potential Supreme Court justices and federal court judges.
30. Pray that our leaders will set aside regular times to rest and to focus on God and His Word, as well as their families.
31. Pray that our nation will truly become one nation under God, respect and pray for our president, and elect state and local leaders who will govern righteously.
32. Amen.

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Jesus Is the Reason for the Season

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Sandy Hook CrossIn our darkest moments shines the light divine. As we consider the back-to-back tragedies of Superstorm Sandy and the Sandy Hook massacre, we must remember this Christmas season that there are hundreds of people who have lost not only their homes and material resources, but also their loved ones.

One of the most poignant losses of this season came as the face of evil descended on the little children at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Our emotions have been overwrought and we are left trying to understand what happened.

For me, as a fifth generation minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the first thing I did was to pray for the children, staff, teachers and their families. The second thing I did was recognize that the teachers and children of Sandy Hook weren’t able to pray as a matter of policy — even as their very lives were threatened.

That’s been the case since prayer was banned from public schools back in 1963. I imagined how the students and teachers must have been huddled together, frightened and trembling, and not able to call on the name of Jesus without breaking the rules.

As I considered those little school children huddling and hoping to live, I also couldn’t help but think of the unborn babies trembling in the wombs of their mothers as abortionists take away their chance at life.

At the same time that our children were under attack in Sandy Hook, there were also little kindergarten children being stabbed to death in China. Oh my. This would seem hopeless if we couldn’t have the blessed promise of Jesus, especially in this season.

Please bear with me as I recall that even the joyous birth of Jesus was surrounded by spiritual forces that caused hundreds of little Hebrew baby boys to be slaughtered as the king tried to prevent the birth of a savior.

Similar shifts occurred during the time of the birth of Moses, the Old Testament prophet who told pharaoh that God said: “Let my people go.”

I can’t help wonder what would happen if we would lift up our eyes to the hills where our help comes from these days? I know that we must be sensitive and prayerful, yet we can still have hope, and must not feel guilty for being able to thank God for Jesus by singing a sweet Christmas Carol or two this Christmas day.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t shed tears for those who lost so much. Yet, as we pray in the midst of all of the horrors around us, let us also remember that God is still supreme.

In the words of my dearly departed grandfather, Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr., let us “thank God for what we have left.” Let us be grateful for his love. Let us continue to pray, according to 2 Chronicles 7:14.

We can all take heart that humanity is still filled with stories of love, compassion, and triumph. Maybe we should turn off the gun control debates which will distract us from the real reason for this season.

Instead of focusing on banning guns, why can’t our government officials work to put prayer back in schools? Such an act of compassion would surely be a comfort and could even make the world a better place.

Who can argue that a reasonable firearms policy that protects the mentally challenged, their families and the broader communities wouldn’t be a good idea? We should have come to this conclusion long before the Sandy Hook tragedy.

It is commendable that the cry for help is finally being heard. But there is still a need to bring love and peace back into the media rather than the gratuitous violence and promiscuous sex that floods our airwaves and permeates the living rooms and family rooms of our homes, consuming the minds and souls of our children.

How many boxes and cartons of violent, anti-family DVDs, video games, software, CDs and other similar media are already gift wrapped and ready to burst into the lives of our children on Christmas day?

I can only pray that agape love will prevail over the material, mercenary clouds that threaten to rain on our peace.

And remember: Don’t leave Jesus out of the season, because he’s the reason for the season.

P. S. Join Day Gardner and yours truly to take back Christmas at The Vision. And try some holiday cooking tips from my kitchen.

Merry Christmas!
For unto us a son is given, for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son Jesus!

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A Few Of My Favorite Christmas Videos

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

“And His Name shall be called….”

This is my favorite time of the year, awaiting the celebration of the arrival of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. The Christmas season also points to our anticipation of his second coming.

I wanted to share a couple of new videos that my friend Day Gardner and I made for you. The first is from an internet show that I do with Dr. Day Gardner entitled THE VISON. The second is a fun cooking segment video I did for Christmas. I hope you check them out and share them with your friends and family.

Also, enjoy the video below. This one is a particularly good one a friend forwarded to me; it’s a flash mob Christmas Celebration!

I’m looking forward to some old favorites such as Sound of Music and the Preacher’s Wife. May even catch the Bishop’s Wife on cable as well. Then, there’s LAST OUNCE OF COURAGE with our friend Jennifer O’Neill and some other really blessed and talented actors, producers, songwriters, etc.

Don’t forget to pray for those who are observing the loss of loved ones, and may God bless and comfort them during this season and always.

God bless you all and a very Merry Christmas!

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The Vision Christmas Show

Monday, December 10th, 2012

Here is the first of a few new episodes of The Vision. Check back regularly for upcoming episodes.

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National Call to Action!!!

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

A message from my good friend, Day Gardner

“Take Back Christmas” Project – Even though Mary became an un-wed mother in a very difficult time, God had specific plans for her baby—and He still has specific plans for each and every baby. Therefore, we are organizing participation of a thousand (or more) churches across the Nation to be very deliberate in holding biblical events this coming and every Christmas with heavy focus on the birth of Jesus celebrations.

We are also asking for each church to organize events in public areas such as traditional Christmas caroling hailing the birth of Jesus. We are also providing and producing support pieces on Facebook, Twitter, Email and YouTube videos.

Our hope is less Santa, Frosty and Rudolph—More Jesus!

Alveda and I — after this depressing election season felt it would be great to do something really uplifting and something ALL Christians can support!

Are you interested in helping us take back CHRISTmas?

Part One:
“Flash Mob” Christmas Caroling

We are planning “flash mob (FM) Christmas caroling”. Here’s the thing…songs only about Jesus–NO Frosty, NO Rudolph, NO Santa and NO Christmas tree or chestnut songs.

We are asking the “FM” to sing 10 songs – One verse only “always beginning” with O Come All Ye Faithful ( as a call to action)—”always ending” with Silent Night (to signify the end). (Approx time: 15-20 minutes)

Let’s make it fun!

Ask everyone to wear something red (ex:) a red coat or hat or scarf or gloves–or just carry a red bag!!!

Good thing is — no rehearsals needed!!!
No baby sitters needed!!! Bring the kids!!!

We will provide an email list of ten songs with the words included to the first verse of each song.

We are hoping churches, individuals, family and friends will do one or more of these in different locations in the week leading up to Christmas.

We have other ideas and would like to hear yours–so, are you with us???!!

Merry CHRISTmas!!!!
Day and Alveda

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