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Philadelphia Abortion Story and New York Abortion Statistics Are Not An Anomaly.

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s Philadelphia abortion arrest story is shocking. The New York abortion statistics that 39%-41% of all pregnancies in New York end in abortion are horrendous. The onslaught to close life nurturing pregnancy care center in New York, Washington State and across the nation is scandalous. Friends, these abortion nightmares are not exceptions to the gruesome abortion saga in America. They are part of the norm.

For years we in the Pro-Life Movement have been sounding the alarm, but the main stream media doesn’t want to hear it. It took something as horrific as what Dr. Gosnell (Grand Jury ReportPresentation Report) did to make them take notice if only for a brief moment. I guess if one of those babies had been from a prominent family of a congressperson, the coverage would have been more extensive. Maybe it would have gotten a lot more coverage. But these were victims from poor families, not really all that important I guess. And although Dr. Gosnell murdered eight people that can be proven and probably hundreds that can’t be proven and in a more disturbing fashion with other people having knowledge and even participating in their murders, the story received little coverage from the mainstream media and then only briefly as I stated earlier. I’m not criticizing the coverage of the Tucson murders as it should have been covered extensively; I just feel that this story should have been covered extensively as well.

One can’t even argue that these were fetuses either as is often the argument when it comes to abortion related issues. These were viable babies, already delivered, sometimes by C-Section, that were alive and breathing, one for about 20 minutes. Where is the outrage from others outside the Pro-Life Movement? Where is the news coverage? Where is the profiling of this doctor? Of the others involved? Of the authorities that let this occur, some having knowledge of what was going on?

Another story that received minimal coverage by the mainstream media is the abortion statistics in New York. These statistics, although higher than the national average, are not rare. Abortion is in the rise according to a recent Guttmacher Institute survey. With approximately 3,500 abortions being performed daily in the United States, approximately 120,000 daily worldwide. These numbers are astounding and yet there is no outrage by the general public or the mainstream media.

The subject of abortion seems to be taboo. Just the mere utterance of the word and criticism of it is enough to bring an onslaught of criticism. Take Senator Rick Santorum as an example. He is trying to bring awareness that the Black Community is being targeted by the abortion industry and he gets criticism from Al Sharpton, a member of that community. Instead of being outraged that his own people are being targeted for murder and locking arms with Senator Santorum against the forces of evil, he opposed him and ignores the proof right under his nose.

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Alveda King: MTV Mom Told Same Abortion Lie Decades Later

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

By Stephanie Samuel-Christian Post Reporter

Dr. Alveda King sympathized with the star of MTV’s abortion special, saying that abortionists told her the same “a little ball of cells” lie too.

King and the post-abortive women’s group, Silent No More Awareness Campaign, said the MTV television special chronicling the abortion of young Florida mom Markai Durham shows that abortion counselors are still telling the same lines to persuade women that abortion does not harm babies.

“I ached for Markai,” King shared in a statement about the show. “Before one of my abortions, Planned Parenthood told me that my baby was ‘just a clump of cells.’ Decades later, this beautiful young mother was told the same lie.”

Georgette Forney, the co-founder of SNMAC, commented, “My heart broke for Markai, not just for her difficult situation, but for the lack of counseling she received.”

On the Tuesday airing of the episode “No Easy Decision,” Durham, an alumna of the MTV show “16 and Pregnant,” agonized with her mom, boyfriend and friends whether or not she should seek an abortion after discovering she is pregnant for the second time as a young, unmarried woman.

“I knew abortion was out there, I just never thought it would be an option for me,” deliberated Durham with the father, James Worsham.

The show depicts Durham making the call to a clinic for information. The clinic counselor told her about the two types of abortion – medication-induced and surgical. She described surgical abortion as “using gentle suction to remove the pregnancy.”

When Durham asks about how she will feel afterwards, the counselor said, “A lot of women after an abortion feel a mixture of many different emotions. You might feel relieved. You might feel sad. It kinda depends [on where] you are before the procedure. If you’re really stressed out about it, it might be a relief to have it over with.”

The counselor did not mention feelings of guilt, depression, and suicidal thoughts – all feelings and emotion post-abortive women report feeling. Also the counselor did not mention possible physical injury that could result from the surgical abortion.

Durham, who received a surgical abortion, cried several times throughout the documentary. She expressed she ultimately chose an abortion because a second child would pose a financial strain on the quality of life her first child, Za’Kari, would have.

After the abortion, Durham was visible shaken. She got upset and cried when Worsham called their unborn child a thing. “We made the decision but, like, I wonder if we could have made a better [one],” she said later.

Forney expressed sadness for Durham situation and also her lack of information.

“This abortion decision was driven by economics, but no one told Markai about the help available to her from pregnancy resource centers,” said Forney.

According to, pregnancy centers offer expecting mother resources and referrals for abortion alternatives, parenting help and housing assistance. The centers also provide counseling for those who have already received an abortion.

SNMAC also offers resources and referrals to post-abortive counseling and retreats for men and women.

“I pray that Markai and all women like her will seek true healing and restoration from a caring post-abortion program,” said King.

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Double Speak And False Investigations

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

In a recent blog, we reported to you that the FBI is teaming up with PPH and other abortion advocates to launch a so called investigation against the prolife movement. The latest in these tactics to silence free speech and stop the rescue of babies, mothers and families from the violence of abortion and the hindrance of the procreative reproductive rights movement is a blatant attack against the Prolife Freedom Rides, the and awareness movements under the guise of investigative reporting by the self described “liberal, lefty person” Laura Flanders of GRITtv.

Along these same lines, NARAL is amping up their attacks on the crisis pregnancy centers in an effort to limit the information pregnant women are receiving. A press release and a recently released report only further demonstrate their desperation to silence pro-life activists. The report put out by NARAL is tantamount to saying that you should judge the existence of God based on a report put out by an Atheist group on their investigation of the Christian faith. The report is written in language intended to incite bias against pro-life organizations such as saying that they are “anti-choice.” Being pro-life is not the same as being anti-choice, but it is being for the choice to be made before a woman is pregnant. Claims made by NARAL in their report of scare or manipulative tactics are nothing more than the CPC staff education the mothers with the truth

The abortion industry is becoming increasingly concerned as more and more Americans are reporting to be pro-life, a shift in the right direction according to this individual. The more Americans hear the truth about abortion, the natural thing to do is become pro-life. Now I’m for choice, as was God,

“I call heaven and earth today to witness against you: I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. Choose life, then, that you and your descendants may live” Deuteronomy 30:19

Now that’s a good choice!

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More Doublespeak from Abortion Supporters

Friday, September 24th, 2010

From Springfield, IL today, on a tour to promote life…

The director of the local Planned Parenthood got front page coverage in the editorial section of the local paper, blasting Alveda King for spreading false information about the agenda of Planned Parenthood. Of course, they didn’t ever site any of the facts that I state whenever I deliver the talks. No mention of the abortion agenda of PPH or the eugenics agenda of PPH Founder Margaret Sanger. In recent news stories, this trend continues. Colorado abortion supporters said that denying abortion to rape and incest victims is denying that the crimes of rape and incest occurred. In all actuality, the opposite is true, aborting the babies of rape and incest victims allows the rapists and incestors to go free to commit further crimes because the babies are victims of the same crime, and their living DNA and their very live births give glaring evidence that the mothers were victimized. In another situation, abortion supporters in Mexico are saying that women are afraid to seek medical help for pregnancy complications because they might be accused or charged with abortion. Making the evil act of abortion legal is not the answer. That’s like saying that in order for a gunshot victim from a bank robbery gone bad to not be afraid to seek medical attention, we should legalize bank robberies. According to the article, “State prosecutors here in Guanajuato have opened 166 investigations for abortion in 10 years, according to women’s health advocates. Most of them do not reach a judge, but nine women have been convicted for having abortions. They were sentenced to jail, but paid a bond to finish their sentences on parole.” That’s less than one conviction per year. It appears that if a mother has done nothing wrong, the evidence will show that and therefore they should not fear getting medical attention. The abortion supporters would have you believe that it is better to legalize abortion and start killing perfectly healthy babies at a woman’s sole discretion or to have law enforcement look the other way when laws are being broken than to put a small number of women (1.38 per month) through an investigative process to rule out wrongdoing. How absurd.

If abortion is legalized, women need to be more afraid of the abortion clinics that use surgery and chemicals to violate their procreative reproductive rights! Procreative reproductive rights mean that a woman gets all the care and information about her health that will allow her to be well enough to have babies if she ever wants to. This includes information about how all forms of abortion and chemical and surgical birth control methods are dangerous to procreative reproductive health and are linked to serious illnesses like infection, breast and cervical cancer, sterilization, etc.

The following is an excerpt from Did You Know offered by Human Life Alliance and offers findings from research on rape and incest Victims

Kathleen DeZeeuw’s son Patrick was conceived in rape when she was 16. “I feel personally assaulted and insulted every time I hear that abortion should be legal because of rape and incest,” stated Kathleen. “Having lived through rape, and also having raised a child ‘conceived in rape,’ I feel that we’re being used by pro-abortionists to further the abortion issue, even though we’ve not been asked to tell our side of the story.”

Twenty-five years after the abortion of her child, Edith Young, a 12-year old victim of incest agonized that, “The abortion which was to ‘be in my best interest’ just has not been. As far as I can tell, it only ‘saved their [my parents’] reputations’, ‘solved their problems’ and allowed their lives to go merrily on.”

Studies show that incest victims rarely ever voluntarily agree to abortion. Instead of viewing the pregnancy as unwanted, the incest victim is more likely to see the pregnancy as a way out of the incestuous relationship because the birth of her child will expose the sexual activity.

Researchers David C. Reardon, Julie Makimaa, and Amy Sobie completed a nine year study on pregnancy outcomes of sexual assault victims. As part of their research the authors found that after any abortion, it is common for women to experience guilt, depression, feelings of being “dirty,” resentment of men, and lowered self-esteem. These feelings are identical to what women typically feel after rape. Abortion only adds to and accentuates the traumatic feelings associated with sexual assault. Rather than easing the psychological burdens, abortion adds to them.

The two stories above are just the beginning of what is being exposed surrounding the tragedy of abortion due to rape and incest. Reardon, Makimaa, and Sobie identified testimonies from 192 women who became pregnant as a result of rape or incest and 55 children conceived in sexual assault and compiled them in their provocative book, Victims and Victors.

Pregnancy resulting from sexual assault is actually a contraindication for abortion. A doctor treating a sexual assault victim should advise against abortion precisely because of the traumatic nature of the pregnancy. The testimonies and studies quoted in this book confirm that both the mother and child are helped by preserving life, not by perpetuating violence.

David C. Reardon, Julie Makimaa, and Amy Sobie.
Victims and Victors. Acorn Books, Springfield, IL
2000. pp.15-17. For further information see

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Glenn Beck’s 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy, like the Lincoln Memorial itself, belongs to all Americans. I am participating in Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally not to advance any political agenda, but to advance the concept of honor in our nation.

The Book of Proverbs teaches that before honor comes humility. The Restoring Honor Rally has been organized for the purpose of giving honor to those who have humbled themselves to serve each and every one of us by defending our great country, for honoring our heroes, our heritage and our future. If our soldiers don’t deserve honor, I don’t know who does.

My Uncle Martin did not say that we should judge men by their support for bigger or smaller government, but rather by the content of their character. That is what I intend to address on August 28.

Speaking of Rev. Al Sharpton’s “Reclaim the Dream” march the same day, Rachel Noerdlinger, a spokesperson for the National Action Network, said, “[t]he reason it is going to be at Dunbar High School is because Rev. Sharpton said education is the civil rights issue of the 21st century.”

In the 21st century there are many civil rights issues facing our nation: education, marriage rights, the right to life, the right to abort, the right to die, capital punishment, racial profiling, injustice in the judiciary, child pornography, freedom of information, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, gay rights, women’s rights, and a host of others. And although education is an important civil rights issue, life is the most central issue of all. Without the protection of life, one never gets a chance to seek any other civil rights.

The character of a nation can be seen in how they treat their most vulnerable citizens. I cannot see any member of our society more vulnerable than those in the womb who cannot speak out. In America we are killing our most vulnerable. What does that say of our character? In a nation where more people consider themselves pro-life than pro-abortion, this should not be the case.

On August 28 we honor our soldiers that are fighting to defend our country, our honor and our character. The right to life is the most important civil rights issue of the 21st century and the protection of this right will show our true character and would make my Uncle Martin proud.

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Great Pro-Life Documentary About Abortion

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

I wanted to let you know about a wonderful Pro-Life documentary film by Producer/ Director David Kyle entitled Bloodmoney: The Business of Abortion. In it he really captures the truth about what the abortion industry is all about and the effects it has had on women. As he recently wrote, “[o]ur problem is that films like 12th [and Delaware] get public exposure and films with a pro-life message can’t or it is very hard to get.” I believe that liberal big players with lots of money back pro-abortion filmmakers while pro-life filmmakers have to rely on the truth and public support. Unfortunately, people don’t like to talk about abortion and many times they don’t want to hear the truth. In the end we already know who will win the battle but I would like to help the process along so we can accomplish the goal of ending abortion sooner.

Bloodmoney will be showing at the Pickwick Theater in Park Ridge, IL (Chicago area) starting August 27th thru September 2nd. Films with little exposure have a hard time getting into the big theatre chains. Public requests can sometimes help so if you would like to see this movie in your town, call your local movie theatre and ask them if they are going to be showing the movie. With enough calls they will bring it to your town. Another option would be to have a private screening in your community through your church, organization, or group. To get more information about obtaining a screening license contact David at Licenses can vary in cost from $75 to $1,600 depending on venue size. This would also be a great fundraiser for your pro-life group.

Movies like this need to be seen so people can see the truth about abortion and the harm it causes. The lies have to be exposed. To find out more about the film visit

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Tell the Whole Story

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

HBO’s documentary 12th and Delaware depicts the strategies crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) use in order to persuade women to choose alternatives to having an abortion. While portraying the CPCs as manipulative and deceptive, the documentary fails to use any testimonies of women and families which Pregnancy Care Centers have blessed. As is the case with all things, there are always going to be a few rotten apples in every basket, but to not tell the whole story is irresponsible. Grady, one of the show’s producers, says of the center in the film, it “uses a lot of alarming, scary language and photographs that you don’t typically see in a doctor’s office. If I was an 18-year-old girl that was in crisis, that would really scare me.” An abortion is a surgical procedure, it is graphic, and they should be scared. The truth can sometimes be scary and graphic. But what these graphic pictures also depict is that what is being aborted is an actual human being, just like you or me, but smaller and defenseless. Now talk about scary: did you know that having an abortion can lead to other health problems, emotional problems, relational problems, suicide ideation and suicide attempts, and yes, even death? But the abortion facilities won’t tell you that. Most of the CPCs are constantly going through training in order to better serve their clients. Their goal is to help these women, not hurt them.

Check out organizations like Heartbeat International and Care-Net to see the wonderful work they are doing.

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