Caylee Anthony: Death Of The Innocent

Jeremiah 4:31 – I hear a cry as of a woman in labor, a groan as of one bearing her first child – the cry of the Daughter of Zion gasping for breath, stretching out her hands and saying, “Alas! I am fainting; my life is given over to murderers.”

Little Caylee Anthony is dead. She will never bear her first child. Like the millions of little girls aborted in the womb, they and Caylee will never bear their own babies. Their lives have been snuffed out before they can ever dream of being mothers. This is very sad.

Talk about a broken justice system. How about a broken heart? America has just witnessed a great tragedy. A little girl, Caylee is dead. Her mother was accused of killing her daughter; then she was acquitted. America’s dirty laundry was aired in the news while the world stood by watching. Yes America, we have dirty laundry. We stand by as spectators while our innocents are slaughtered! Once again, Americans have been found watching on the sidelines while the tragedy of a death of innocence goes unanswered.

What do I mean by this? Like little Caylee, millions of other little American babies are dead. Unlike Caylee, these little babies are being killed in the womb of their mothers by abortion. Casey Anthony didn’t want to be a mother. She went out dancing while her daughter Caylee was missing and most likely dead.

The real tragedy doesn’t end with little Caylee’s death. Her mother is not doing so well either. Casey can pretend to be jubilant about her so called victory, but somewhere inside that shell that we call Casey Anthony, is a soul in deep denial and most likely deeper depression. Mothers who abort their babies often experience trauma after the loss. Little Caylee’s death represents a late-late term abortion. Her life has been cut off just as surely as if she had been aborted in Casey’s womb; only it happened a couple of years later. So in a way, Casey is post-abortive. Surely Casey is traumatized about everything that is happening, including her alleged molestation history, the death of her daughter and all of the other drama that her family is experiencing.

My heart is broken. Let me just go on record before God by publically stating that I am so very sorry that Caylee is dead. I am sorry that her family; her mother, her dad, her grandparents, uncle, other relatives and neighbors and friends, and yes, the jury who acquitted Casey are so dysfunctional as to allow all of this to happen.

Even if Casey was acquitted of murder, she is guilty of not protecting her baby and pro-choice American are just as guilty of not protecting the unborn.

I reached out to a friend in my grief, and was comforted by her response that I am not alone in feeling shock, hurt and anger at a system, a nation and a world who allow our innocents to suffer and die.

She said that this is not only a miscarriage of justice — it’s an abortion of justice — and a termination of belief in the legal system.  It’s hostage to the culture of death!

I agree with my friend. The justice system is hostage to the culture of death. To date, our justice system upholds Roe VS Wade, the law that allows the slaughter by abortion of little babies in the womb. Now, that same justice system has allowed the death of little Caylee to go unanswered. Let us pray for little Caylee and her misguided family. Let us pray for all the little children in danger of abortion and all the other cruel tragedies that are lurking in their lives. It is all too sad.

With all this being said, we must also look to the future with hope! Hope that we awaken to the reality that abortion kills babies and hurts women and men. Hope that we will pray constantly for the end of abortion in our country and around the world. Hope that all children those in the womb and those that are born will not be harmed in any way. Hope that some good can come from such a tragedy as little Caylee’s death. And most importantly, Hope because Jesus has already won victory over death through His death on the cross and His resurrection from death.

Victory is already ours but we must do our part. We must pray and protect the unborn and indeed all children to the best of our ability until that victory is realized, in God’s time.

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