Check out Dr. Judith Reisman!

Another chance to connect the dots… Guess who’s behind this latest puzzle? You guessed it! Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood. We’ve been asking: Why so many abortions? Why so much sex outside of marriage? Why so much pornography? Sexual assaults on our children? Why are so many condoms passed out to middle school and elementary school students? Here’s more evidence that the Culture War, the battle for the Sanctity of Life… are connected. Dr. Alfred Kinsey, a comrade of Margaret Sanger institutionalized child pron and molestation, was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. Pro-abortion henchmen! Dr. Judith exposes all of this. Judith worked for Captain Kangaroo. She also won the battle to get pornography off the front shelves of 7/11 stores in the 1980′s. Most of the Mom and Pop stores dropped the books after than. She exposed their child pornography rings too. A lot of this has tried to creep back in lately. WE have to connect the dots, again, and again! Are we age dating ourselves here. ?Tha’s okay… Here’s a web page FYI…

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