Dear Essence: We Stand To Lose Everything

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Essence Magazine, a popular publication that primarily serves Black women recently published an article entitled “What We Stand to Lose,” that attempted to defend abortion and carcinogenic birth control as “women’s rights.” While they attempted to balance the story by interviewing people from the “prolife camp,” the article is very one sided and does not reflect the startling statistics that prove that abortion and carcinogenic birth control are harming women, killing human babies, and sometimes killing women.

Rev. Arnold Culbreath of “Protecting Black Life” was interviewed for the article. None of the data he provided was included in the final edit. Please join Arnold in writing letters to Essence magazine’s Editor in Chief Vanessa K. Bush

Here’s an excerpt from a letter from my friend Rev. Arnold Culbreath followed by my open letter to Ms. Vanessa Bush, editor of Essence Magazine.

“While Ms. Rhodan’s “What We Stand To Lose” article argues for allowing the #1 killer to continue lurking in and preying on our community, many of us are far too familiar with what we’re already losing. We’re losing far too many precious lives, both born and unborn.

“A Call to Action

“Please join me in writing a letter to Essence magazine’s Editor in Chief Vanessa K. Bush to express your dissatisfaction and disappointment with Essence’s lopsided approach to this article. According to Ms. Rhodan, Ms. Bush wrote in the May issue that she’s counting on readers to “help keep Essence honest.” Let’s accept Ms. Bush’s offer.

“Ms. Bush can be reached via email at: After you’ve written your letter, please feel free to forward it to me at: I’d love to read them!”

An Open Letter from Dr. Alveda King

Dear Vanessa, Rev. Arnold Culbreath of “Protecting Black Life,” who you interviewed for your article “What We Stand to Lose,” invited readers to write to you and respond to your publication.

I am very disappointed that you chose not to print much of what Rev. Culbreath surely must have shared with you during his interview, choosing rather to briefly reduce the poignant testimony of his wife to a couple of sentences, and neglecting to share Arnold’s piercing and compassionate voice.

Yes, Rev. Culbreath is a man and you write for women. Yet a man, my grandfather, Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr. convinced my mother not to abort me in 1950. He and the father of my son convinced me after two abortions and a miscarriage, not to abort another baby, a son. I have six living children because God used these men to help rescue me from a harmful and deadly pro-choice/pro-abortion lifestyle.

Abortion kills human babies and sometimes human mothers. Abortion often hurts women in many ways. As the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his brother Rev. A. D. King,II, I often ask the question: HOW CAN THE DREAM SURVIVE IF WE MURDER THE CHILDREN?

Mam, the dream will die if we do not stop murdering our children.

I don’t know if you will print this, I do hope you read it. We have lost over 56 million dead babies and hundreds of women, mothers to legal abortion. If the truth is not told, if the scourge isn’t ended, we stand to lose entire communities.

Madam, we have already lost too much. If things don’t change, we stand to lose everything.”

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  1. Kelli says:

    Please open your mind to the devastation caused by abortion, to the woman, the community and the unborn. Unwanted Pregnancy can and should be prevented, but not like this. Families should be built up, loved and supported.

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