Do You Know What Planned Parenthood is Teaching Your Children

Watch this very important video report from American Life League. WARNING: Explicit content

After all the years I’ve spent informing people and being vocal about Planned Parenthood’s agenda, I am surprised at nothing they do. In fact, after watching the video below I just wanted to pray harder for our children. They are bieng bombarded at every turn: music, television, videos, movies, and so many other places. And the sad thing is that most parents are oblivious to their struggle against the peer pressures they face.

Sure every generation has its struggles and challenges. This generation, however, is facing a bigger challenges as they have to deal with the sins of our generation, namely, the legalizing of abortion on demand and the deaths of over 54 millions babies that have been aborted since January 22, 1973.

4 Responses to “Do You Know What Planned Parenthood is Teaching Your Children”

  1. PoliticsOfAmy says:

    Thank u for all u do. This is a disgusting organization.

  2. Paul Rondeau says:

    Thank-you for all you do, Alveda. May God bless you mightily.


  3. Pat Denzer says:

    Hi Alveda,

    that would make a great sign. I, like many others are out front of PP clinics across America praying and holding signs. That would make a great sign. Is it available? Lots drive by on their way to work at 8 am taking their kids to school.

  4. Common Sense says:

    Why don’t we just do the sensible thing and…. Talk to our kids about the birds and the bees, STDs, and safe sex, and how they can control their emotions and urges?


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