Dr. Alveda King Celebrates Victory for Women in Arkansas.

Alveda waves to legislators

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Little Rock Arkansas – Dr. Alveda King, Director of African American Outreach for Priests for life salutes State Representative Julie Mayberry, House Sponsor of the Ban on Webcam Abortion Bill (HB 1076/SB 53). The bill is expected to be signed by Governor Asa Hutchinson as early as next week.

State Representative Mary Bently, also a supporter of the bill texts: “It’s a new day in Arkansas. We thank Ms. King for coming. It was a blessing to have her smiling down on us.”

TV and radio personality Princella Smith, Black Americans for Life, an outreach of Arkansas Right to Life, said: “This has been a most incredible day. Multiple instances of history have been created and witnessed. To have a descendant of the most key civil rights activist, Rev. Martin Luther Jr., present as our legislature passes a bill affecting our nation’s most pressing civil right was truly an honor to witness. Dr. Alveda King has truly inspired us all with her pro-life work and presence here today.”

Rose Mimms, Executive Director of Arkansas Right to life is “happy that Dr. Alveda King was present to witness this great victory over Planned Parenthood to ban webcam abortion in Arkansas.”

Alveda agrees: “I am truly humbled that America is witnessing genuine compassion for mothers and their babies with the passage of every prolife bill. This most recent victory is so encouraging. Women, men, children, babies need love, not abortion. Death doesn’t bring victory, only life can lead us there.”

King visited the Capitol and met with pastors and community leaders while in town.

4 Responses to “Dr. Alveda King Celebrates Victory for Women in Arkansas.”

  1. ron tucker says:

    Dr Alveda King:
    I started this little search tonight with Margaret Sanger. I had heard she was a eugenicist and just read 7 of her sick quotations. This lead me to you. I am a white prolife man with a black prochoice girlfriend. I’d like to get you to speak to her…she shuts me out on this. It is fruitless for me to approach the subject. How can I get your words to her ears without my name attached (automatic rejection)?

  2. brother rock says:

    When does the killing of an innocent life become a victory for women? If I read this right you are saying this law requires the murderer to be on site instead of killing the child via technology. Lord help us all!

  3. Alveda King says:

    Nobody wants any child to be killed because abortion hurts both the mother and the baby. But the reality is that abortion is still legal and until the law changes and as we continue to fight to end abortion we want to look out for the welfare of the mother because all life matters.

    The abortion industry is trying to make it as easy for them to perform abortions as possible, even to the extent of not having to be present when administering the abortion pills. This law will prevent some from being able to get an abortion because the doctor cannot be in two places at once.

  4. Alveda King says:

    Have her visit my website, http://www.AfricanAmericanOutreach.org God bless you!

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