Election Update – Emotions, Media Bias, Pray

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Yesterday in The Daily Beast and other “news” outlets, Mr. Donald Trump was falsely accused of “blowing off” the pro life movement by cancelling or reneging on an invitation to speak to pro life leaders.

This is not true. I was at the meeting, and Mr. Trump did not reject any invitation. There was no meeting with Mr. Trump scheduled in the first place.

I personally have met Mr. Trump and have spoken with his staff and supporters on a regular basis, and find them very open to pro life discussions. I remain saddened by the “winner take all by any means necessary” affront that is being promulgated in this election season.

As a Christian Evangelist, I no longer endorse political candidates. I am called to pray for everyone, including all leaders.

“The first thing I want you to do is pray. Pray every way you know how, for everyone you know. Pray especially for rulers and their governments to rule well so we can be quietly about our business of living simply, in humble contemplation. This is the way our Savior God wants us to live.” – 1 Timothy 2:1-3 MSG

While I sometimes privately offer support and advice to various candidates, In this election I urge Americans to pray and repent; and vote responsibly; and to not indulge in emotional mudslinging and lies.

Day Gardner, who has endorsed Mr. Trump was at the meeting in question, and has this to say regarding the scandalous lies about Mr. Trump blowing off pro life leaders yesterday:

“Day Gardner, President, National Black Pro-Life Union: Today’s article put out by Daily Beast about Trump blowing off a meeting with pro-lifers is unreal. It didn’t happen. How do I know? I was in that meeting. Donald Trump was not on the agenda and had no commitment to participate in any way in that meeting.”

According to Fr. Frank Pavone, who was at the meeting in question, he said this is what happened:

“Our organization reaches out to candidates regularly. Many of these conversations are off the record. But in fairness, let me make clear that Mr. Trump did not break any commitments to speak to me or any gathering I organize. On the contrary, I have had very friendly and fruitful interactions with him and members of his team and look forward to continuing that dynamic.”

Gardner went on to say: “This is an inside hatchet job of epic proportions from person(s) who will go to any lengths to blackball Donald Trump.

“For those who want to look the other way when dirt is flying, check your rear view mirrors. This is just another dirty ploy to eat away at Trump’s voters.

“America can be great again if we can get the liars who are attacking him off the road.”

4 Responses to “Election Update – Emotions, Media Bias, Pray”

  1. Alveda, we already issued a retraction after the information we were given for our article turned out to be incorrect.

  2. Amy Maynor says:

    Hi- I appreciate you publishing this. Mayb of us who are Prolife and support Trump found the smear campaign confusing, given most of it came out of the Christian and Prolife organizations.

    I honestly don’t know who to trust anymore, except Jesus.

    Please get these facts put everywhere you can!!!

    Tell lifesite.com and others who published to repent AND retract.

    I’ll also a share this with all who I can.


    Amy Maynor
    Jacksonville Florida ( a friend for life)

  3. Alveda King says:

    Thank you, Steven.

  4. Kaylynn says:

    Thank you so much for this–I appreciate your candidness in your blogs, as well as when you speak. If only others would take the time and clear their minds, they might be able to make a responsible decision. I have never cared for Donald Trump and even I can see clearly the railroading all along—God gave him strength and courage, as did He give his family…There is no way that I could have endured one iota of what they have.
    I’m thankful for your honesty and ability to get the truth out when and where you can…Thank you so much.

    God Bless~

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