Georgia Legislature is sadly outdated, out of touch with the people…; also graying of the pro-abortion movement

The Georgia bill to outlaw abortions that are coerced or based on the race or sex or the child died Thursday night as the legislature adjourned for the year without taking final action on the measure.


This story makes me sad to say that I was once a member of the Georgia Legislature. Both parties, Democrats and Republicans had a chance to help women and strike a blow at racism, and they killed it, along with their actions are the subsequent killings of more babies.  So sad!

Abortion proponents are dying out. No wonder, since they support abortion, many of their own babies have been aborted!

In response to its earlier article on the “graying” of the pro-abortion movement, Newsweek is now running an edited “online conversation” among various old and young abortion proponents on how they can work together. Both old and young pro-aborts agree that they should involve more men in their movement.


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