Going the distance…!

In the Pro-Life Movement as we fight to save the unborn, it’s easy to fall in despair and get so sick and tired that we could become discouraged. In times like these, we need to hang on to the Word of God, lock in and keep pressing on! When we hear the lies that the pro-aborts tell we have to keep reminding ourselves that Jesus already has won victory over the culture of death by his death and resurrection. This truth made Easter Sunday a really major blessing, knowing that we have the victory!

Even knowing this, as a flawed human being, it’s hard not to get frustrated knowing that many people don’t keep up with the truth enough to know that all they tell people are a bunch of lies. How else can they convince people that it’s okay for a mother and father to kill their unborn child?

Let me give you a new example. A friend called me and said that a woman connected to Planned Parenthood offered to sell her a “baby trophy.” In other words, you know how people go hunting and hang the mounted, stuffed heads on their walls as a trophy for the “hunt?” Or, how people take the bodies of their dead beloved pets to be “preserved?” The process is called Taxidermy and the Taxidermist is the person who takes the skin of the dead animal and stuffs it for a trophy to be made into a rug or hung on a wall.

Well, my friend called and said she met a woman who had a “baby trophy.” She says she saw and held a little “restored” baby who had been aborted. The skin was fragile and almost translucent, and the baby looked very “real.” I had heard of these things happening, but never talked directly to anyone who has been in contact with such an anomaly. I say anomaly because it’s bad enough for the precious children to have been aborted, and now people are making “trophies” of their little bodies.

Before I decided to let you know about this practice, I did some research. Warning, it is shocking! http://pandagon.net/index.php/site/comments/i_may_never_stop_screaming. They are calling these little ones “Reborns.” Shocking and tragic!

Now, please let me be very clear here. This process of taxidermy aborted baby trophies that my friend describes is not the same as rescuing little dead aborted babies and giving them a name, a decent burial and restoring their dignity. No one in the prolife movement is using taxidermy to keep aborted babies bodies as mementoes of their tragic demise, and selling them for profit.

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  1. Holly says:

    Re: Trophies

    I cant help feeling that this is similar to what the Nazi’s were doing during the Holocaust during WWII. Is this so do you think. Ive heard some of the stories of heinous crimes committed and this sounds like a similarity to me.

    Abortion reminds me of what Herod wanted to do to our Lord when he went after the children looking for the Messiah both born and unborn.

    It also reminds me of the Old Testament and the Pagan rituals the Jews were inspired to do by their Pagan counterparts. When they would participate in child sacrifice in olden times history.

    I am blogging at WordPress, Jean’sBistro2010’s blog. All are welcome to come and see what I have. Its Catholic but inspired by the Holy Spirit… Humbly a Laywoman teaching blog.

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