Good Grief and Holy Ovaries…

As a woman who once experienced two abortions and a related miscarriage, I can only say that like Ms. Underwood, I personally know that grief is a personal matter. That’s why I so deeply appreciate Rachel’s Vineyard and other post abortion healing ministries. RV treated my grief personally, and they prayed with me. They never publically exposed my pain, my grief and my healing. I did that. Once I was completely healed, I was so free and so blessed that I wanted to share God’s healing message with the world. I asked RV to share my message, so I have never felt abused by them, I have felt only love and healing from the healing ministry of Rachel’s Vineyard.

In the cries of the women who demand “get your rosaries off my ovaries,” and Ms. Underwood’s “get your politics off my grief,” I hear also the pain and tears of mothers who have suffered much in their abortion experiences. And let’s face it, any woman who has ever been pregnant is a mother, whether the babies live to be born or not. We are mothers and men are fathers from the moment of the conception of our babies.

Ask Steven Tyler.

Sincere and heartfelt prayer knows no political boundaries, and I pray with all my heart that the women, the post abortive mothers of the world, and the post abortive fathers too, will receive healing and God’s grace. Good grief is grief that is healed. Holy ovaries are God’s gift to mothers. Those ovaries, combined with the seed of fathers bring us precious gifts we call children.

In Ms. Underwood’s response to the ministry of RV, and in Dr. Teresa Burke’s balanced reply to Ms. Underwood, I sense that more healing is in the wind for Ms. Underwood.

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