Hello! Please tell BET that education is a civil rights issue, but LIFE is THE Civil Rights issue of the 21st Century!

I was sitting there looking at BET Awards. There was this clever maneuver giving John Legend the Humanitarian Award. He’s saying that education is the civil rights movement of this century. Education is important, during the nineties even I said school choice was the most pressing civil rights issue, that was before I realized the extreme level of genocide in the world. Now, with BET, I wonder if like I was back in the day, they need to come into the reality of the 21st century that babies, especially Black babies are dying at an astronomocial rate, and that a child’s right to live, and a mother’s right to procreative reproductive health is the most pressing civil rights issue of the day. Or, is this a clever attempt to deflect our message that Life is the Civil Rights Issue of this century?

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