Help Stop New York City Council Bill 371

The New York City Council is trying to force harsh regulations and free speech restrictions on pro-life pregnancy centers in NYC in Bill 371. This could come to a vote very soon. Pro-lifers are working hard to fight this bill and desperately need your help. Please sign the petition opposing NYC Bill 371 and share with your friends. More information is found at We encourage everyone to sign the petition, but we especially need more people who live and work in New York City to sign.

One Response to “Help Stop New York City Council Bill 371”

  1. Coach Mardoc says:

    How any human could take it upon themselves to end another human life force (or any life for that matter) is beyond my thoughts. And concerning this NYC bill to further regulate and restrict free speech for anyone is sad and dis-heartening. Educating people on abortion alternatives is crucial for the mother to be able make an educated decision that she, and hopefully her unborn baby can live with.

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