How I Failed Nelson Mandela

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At the passing of Nelson Mandela I am acknowledging that he was a humanitarian who gave his life to ending apartheid in South Africa and human racism on this planet.

His efforts to do so, especially when he was a young man, certainly included horrendous acts of violence. He and his wife were “vigilantes for freedom.” Their methods of warfare were designed to match and overpower the inhumane tactics of their oppressors. President Mandela was jailed for many years for his “war crimes.”

Young Nelson and Winnie Mandela were radical rebels and following very much in the philosophy of say a Malcolm X who said we must obtain freedom “by any means necessary.” When I was a young civil rights freedom fighter, we had to deal with Alabama Governor George Wallace. He was a virulent monster of a man who approved the lynching, burning and bombing of African Americans during those days. I lived in “Bombingham” where our family home was bombed by hateful people who didn’t want Black people to be free. However, George Wallace, and there are pictures of historical accounts if his standing right there and saying that he hated people if they had black skin or brown skin. And he wanted to keep us out and called us bad names. But Jesus Christ came into his life and he repented and he said that he was wrong.

There was another one, Bull Conner, who reminds me of the same hateful spirit that was driving Adolf Hitler. He lived as a terror and he is remembered as a terror today. On the one hand, Wallace recanted. On other hand, Adolph Hitler was never jailed for killing millions of Jews, and his horrible eugenics and genocidal practices are alive today. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood considered him to be her muse. Unsuspecting people have embraced abortion and killing contraceptives because the slick marketing campaigns of Hitler and Sanger are still alive today. I was once a victim of Planned Parenthood, and was once pro-choice. I didn’t sanction the killing of millions of babies, but I did have two secret abortions. I later repented and now am a voice for the lives of babies and their mothers, the sick and the elderly.

There was another man, John Newton, he wrote the song Amazing Grace. He was a friend and mentored to Wilbur Wilberforce and William Penn. He was bringing black people, African people, transcontinental and bringing them to be sold into the slave trade. It was lucrative and he was making money. It was horrible and yet, when the spirit of the living God got his attention, reminded him of the love and mercy of Jesus Christ, he repented and he wrote a song, “I once was lost, but now I’m found, was blind, but now I see.” A wretch like him, his life was transformed.

Again, I had abortions myself. I was pro-choice at one time in my life. I came to my senses, I repented and turned away from the lies. I was blind and now I see.

The apostle Paul was blinded as far as his mind and his actions were concerned when his name was Saul. And he killed Christians. He was there at the stoning of St. Stephen. And yet, on the way to Damascus Road his physical sight was taken from him when he was confronted, when he was riding his donkey on Damascus road. And he became one of the greatest apostles that the world has known, remembered, and we thank God for the ministry of Apostle Paul.

Over the years Mr. Mandela began to become seasoned; humility came into his life and at 95 years of age, I believe he was a totally different man than the young man who was doing everything he could to ending apartheid but he was giving back as good as he got or as bad as it was. While he sanctioned abortion during his presidency, he was perhaps like me and millions of others who were once deceived into believing that abortion and harmful contraceptives would help our people. I wish I had told him the truth. I didn’t know the truth when I met him in the early 1970’s. So I failed him, I didn’t speak to him about our babies.

What is happening now in the battle to end human injustice, to stop man’s inhumanity to man, whether we are women, men, or little children, is occurring on a divided battleground. Some battle against racism, based upon skin color, or class, or rank. Some battle against reproductive genocide and that is certainly appropriate as well wherein we fight for the lives of the little babies in the womb, their mothers, the sick, and the elderly and demand that they be treated with equality, justice, mercy, and agape love. And then some battle against sexual perversion. That in itself also is a very important fight.

Now, if we can see that we are battling a three headed hydra monster; racism, reproductive genocide, and sexual perversion; and get to the heart of those matters and fight them all together with the understanding that we can overcome evil with good, then, at the death of someone like a Nelson Mandela, some of us would not feel as though he should just be totally lambasted, ostracized, cast out of history and considered to be one of the most terrible people that ever lived.

And so I do acknowledge the work of President Nelson Mandela. He confronted apartheid, a serious evil during his lifetime. He did some things that were not good. And we pray that he had an opportunity to meet his maker before he left the planet and that he was able to reconcile those differences.

I feel that I failed President Nelson Mandela because when I actually met him around 1970 when he was released and he came to America, he visited the Martin Luther King Center. I was pro-choice at that time; ended up having a second abortion and a miscarriage related to the harmful contraceptives and all of that. But over the years, after I became pro-life, after which I became repentantly pro-life. I wish now that I had reached out to President Nelson Mandela. I wish that in the 1990s when he was signing legislation that was going to cause millions or at least hundreds of thousands of babies to be aborted, I wish I had gotten Maafa 21 to him and Blood Money to him. Of course, these films had not been produced at that time but a little later they and many other great truth and life revealing films have been released.

I feel that I failed him by not reaching out to him and trying to get with him and sit down and have a talk about my transformation. How I came from thinking that it was okay to abort a child to knowing that it was wrong because it that’s a sacred human life. I failed but I pray that I don’t fail millions of others and I pray that that message will continue to resonate across the globe.

So I thank God for Jesus, for redemption, for an opportunity to acknowledge the good deeds of people and to pray and repent for not giving them information that I had that could transform their thinking, prick their hearts, and cause them to include the unborn in their battles.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Sister Alveda King!!! God bless!

  2. Joe says:

    Alveda, I may be wrong , but judging from the company he kept and judging from his affiliation to the SACP before and after his incarceration i doubt very much that he didn’t know what he was doing. Don’t forget he also paved the way for gay ‘marriage’ as well in his country. When you came to Trinidad fo the March for Life I cringed when I saw the banner behind the stage which showed many great people but among them was Mandela who was one of the greatest enemies of the movement you are involved in. He pushed for abortion when it was not even popular in his own party and was wildly unpopular among South Africans in general. This leads me to believe he was an agent of the monstrous Population control movement. Sorry to ramble so much but I’d like to close by saying that while you regret not speaking to him, it is not too late for his sidekick Tutu. I cannot bring myself to call him Archbishop. God love you Alveda King and keep up the good work. PS I quote your Uncle Martin almost daily. Now that was some man.

  3. Marjorie says:

    Dear Alveda… You are a precious inspiration. You could not give Nelson Mandela what you did not have. Thanking God that the Lord opened your eyes and you are daily fighting to save the lives of babies. Thank you for your insightful words on George Wallace, who went from a wicked racial prejudice to repenting of this behavior after allowing Jesus into His heart. You have personally lived through much racial suffering, yet you build bridges and do not keep the past feud alive. God bless you.

  4. Miriam Campbell says:

    Thank you for this. I have never had an abortion (fear my father gave me) but I did make some bad choices as a young person. I really thing the stuff we do before we are 25 needs to be wiped clean. The rest we deal with. Love you and what you are doing. M

  5. alv3d@ says:

    Thank you very much for your comments and support.

  6. William Murat says:

    Sorry, but Mandela doesn´t need to be protected for his own biography…

    He did the right thing when he was released from jail and his contribution stoped a civil war. But he was a terrorist and never apologized for that. About the abortion, he pushed and approve one of the most liberals abortion laws in the entire world. This is what leftists do when in power and he was a fierce communist. He used terribles words to speak about USA but never spoke about human rights in Cuba, URSS and other communists countries.

    I hope he gets mercy and protection from Our Lord, the same protection he denied through his political actions to many, many unborn human beings.

  7. gina alther says:

    I hope that you meant “womb” and not “worm” in the 9th paragraph…I do not have time to leave more now, other than to say that I think that you are very brave and I appreciate your work. May God Bless you and your work.

  8. alv3d@ says:

    Thank you for catching that. I’ve corrected it. Thanks again Gina, God bless!

  9. Mary Ann says:

    I saw you speak on tv after Mandela died and was stunned that you praised him and never mentioned his passing the horrendous abortion law in South Africa. I could not rest over this. So, I did a search on Priests For Life and found your blog. It helped so much to learn that you did not give Mandela a pass just because the world has just about canonized him. It would be good if you were able to go back on national tv and explain your position as you did in the blog. GOD bless you for your pro-life work. GOD will grant you a special place in His Heaven.

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