If Abortion Ended Today…

Deuteronomy Chapter 1 speaks of a journey that was supposed to take 11 days but instead took 38 years.

With 2011 being the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade and the legalization of abortion on demand in this country, what would you do if we reached the end of our journey and abortion ended today?

The Pro-Life Movement would still have plenty of work to do. Our focus would turn from trying to end abortion to focusing on restoring and rebuilding our society from all the harm abortion has brought to our society. All the pro-life workers would have a new direction of turning the centers of death into centers of life.

Women/couples who are pregnant wouldn’t have to be scared or worried about how they would be able to handle having a baby or another baby. There would be plenty of people to offer help and assistance. All the money being funneled to fight abortion would now be used to help sustain new life.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers would need new workers to handle the increased volume of women calling for assistance with their new babies. Their focus would also shift to providing more services to assist new parents with their new challenges of motherhood and fatherhood.

Healing would now become a greater focus as women who have had abortions and are hurting would seek help and healing.

Monies now being given to the abortion industry would be channeled to true medical services for expectant mothers and children. Doctors staying out of the field for fear of being forced to perform abortions against their believes would now welcome the chance to become obstetricians and practice life affirming medicine.

And prolife organizations could become even more prolife. Free from fighting legalized abortion we can use appeal to supporters and use funds and resources to help us rebuild and restore a culture of life.

2 Responses to “If Abortion Ended Today…”

  1. Richard Snouffer, MD says:

    Awesome piece! Looks like your uncle wasn’t the only one with a wonderful and holy dream!!!

    I PRAY with all my heart that, soon and VERY soon, both you AND your uncle’s dreams come true!

    What would I do? First thing is I would go out and buy a flower for my suit’s lapel, and retire my “precious feet.”

    (I have vowed before God that no matter what, I will NOT wear a flower on my lapel until abortion on demand is no longer the law of the land. Instead I wear the precious feet there, to remind us all that we are killing the flower of our youth in the ONE place that should be the safest for them–their mothers’ wombs.)

  2. Lentenlands says:

    Thanks for the work you’re doing, I appreciate your voice and labors. I wonder what you and your readers think of some thoughts that I have re: this issue at:


    May God bless and strengthen you.


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