Jesus is the ROCK – Let the Truth roll! March on Mighty WARRIORS!

When Rush Limbaugh recently called a young lady a slut for wanting to support the HHS Mandate that would pay for free birth control I was dismayed to hear a young lady called a slut because I know that you don’t win women to the Kingdom of God by calling us sluts.

There’s a website out called “Rock the Slut Vote” and it has a long list of categories that would perhaps cause a woman to be a slut. When I look at that list, I see that I have done many things on there in my lifetime before I got on my journey into the Kingdom of God in 1983 – a journey that started with repentance. Yes, repentance from my sinful mistakes, many of which are listed here.

So I was dismayed by the women celebrating being called a “slut” – not that I don’t sympathize with their need for expression – but do want to say to ladies that it’s not a badge of honor to be called a slut.

Ladies should not be called bad names. We house the wombs of the world and the wombs of the future. And so we should be regarded and cherished and respected as every human being should be respected. That’s why I found the “slut” website to be so disturbing.

The “slut” website just begs for attention from WARRIOR women; women of compassion – many of us who have been called sluts or worse, and have lived and overcome to tell our stories.

Why clear thinking women, strong women with directional purpose and goals would choose to wear a slut banner is kind of odd to me. I understand their pain, But I have found along my journey in life of over sixty years now that repentance is good for the soul.

And yes, much of the conduct is sin and not a badge of honor. No woman should want to have taxpayers pay to subsidize her sexual conduct of choice. That’s what the HHS mandate calls for by the way. Free birth control.

Ladies, if we are woman enough to choose to have sex, we should be woman enough to not require other people to foot the bill. Fair is fair.

So, again, there can be no revival without repentance. There are young women who basically need to hear the truth that there are certain kinds of behavior that will bring us greif including what we experience with the birth control, the abortions which are linked to breast cancer, cervical cancer, birth control that’s invasive leading to heart attacks and strokes. Top that off with knowing that when birth control fails, women sometimes get pregnant and choose to get abortions. There’s a long list of all these problems.

I can give you a few links from my own website, from my own research.

So anyway, I find the slut website disturbing. I find Rush’s terminology of the young lady disturbing. It’s time now to put away the injurious words and bring about healing. After all, JESUS ROCKS!

That’s why I’ve joined with my sisters at Silent No More Awareness and we are also joining with the WARRIOR women. I’m also a WARRIOR woman with the National Black Pro-life Coalition.

The Bible says that the older women should teach the younger women. I’m an old lady now, and I speak this truth in love, cuz love never fails.

Mama King

4 Responses to “Jesus is the ROCK – Let the Truth roll! March on Mighty WARRIORS!”

  1. Cindy says:

    I respectfully disagree on the issue if mandatory availability of birth control. Many women, myself included, use birth control to have a physical relationship with their husbands without risking pregnancy. Others use it to bring regularity to their periods and lessen pre-menstral symptoms. Others still use it to keep ovarian cysts under control. It is for those reasons why I am for mandated availability.

  2. Valerie Dutton says:

    No one blinks an eye about our tax money going to fund wars. Why can’t my tax money go toward providing a health plan that covers birth control for every woman? That has nothing to do with repentance but everything to do with good sense.

  3. alv3d@ says:

    Cindy, your relationship with your husband is something that should remain between you and your husband. Birth control is available to you right now. I should not be forced to pay for your birth control so you can have a physical relationship with your husband. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Natural Family Planning. The use of this method of birth control strengthens the marital bond. In fact those who practice NFP have the lowers deivorce rate of any group. Check it out at

    As for those who use birth control for medical reasons, theirs should already be covered by insurance.

    Sexual activity is a lifestyle choice. No one should be forced for another person’s lifestyle choices. Birth control is already readily available. We don’t need to pass mandatory legislature at other’s expense.

    God Bless,
    Outreach Associate
    Preists for Life

  4. alv3d@ says:

    Valerie, If an insurance company wants to offer a plan that includes birth control coverage and you wish to purchase that insurance plan, I don’t have a problem with that. The problem comes from making the coverage mandatory for all insurance plans and forcing everyone, even those that do not wish to use birth control, for whatever reason, to pay for it.

    If the government wants to set up some fund or account where people who wish to pay for other peoples birth control can make donations then that too would be fine. But don’t force everyone to pay, specially if it goes against their religious beliefs.

    God bless,
    Outreach Associate
    Priests for Life

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