Michael Steele deserves our prayers!

We must let Chairman Steele know that our prayers are with him during this difficult and contentious time. Having personally experienced firsthand the open door policy of his administration, I can truly say I appreciate his strengthening of the GOP through his emphasis on coalitions. His notable fundraising ability, especially in the present economy and with him having taken his position when so many Republicans were downhearted and disgusted can only be commended! He has been an up front leader in one of the toughest seasons of his party, and when the going is toughest, the tough keep going. For those like
Ron Bonjean, spokesman for former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, who think Chairman Steele will ultimately survive and that stepping down would be the wrong decision, I say “join us in praying for Chairman Steele.” Most importantly, we must keep praying for all of our leaders, no matter what their political parties are. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are a dream that must yet be realized, and now is the time to rally, and not tear down!

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