More and more women are revealing why they make certain choices…

Enter Beyonce with “if you like it put a ring on it…” These words are proof positive that women are becoming more aware of the value of their sexuality, and where it belongs…

Next, Kim Kardashian decides to keep her baby because she finds out on the Net that women who have abortions aren’t usually happy about that choice to kill their babies, and hurt their own bodies…

Now, actress Mackenzie Phillips says she had a 10-year sexual relationship with her dad, John Phillips of the old Mamas and the Papas vocal group. She said in her new book “High on Arrival” that her dad raped her, and later she got pregnant, didn’t know who the baby’s dad was. Her dad paid for her abortion. Mackenzie had a history of playing roles about rebellious teens. When Mackenzie told her story on Oprah’s show, Oprah went to commercial.

Now, I have just one question. Well maybe more than one… How could the sex be consensual when it started with rape? Rape isn’t consensual sex. The subsequent sexual encounters, even if it lasted for 10 years was more of being a longterm victim, than a consensual partner. A clinical psychologist says that Mackenzie was definitely a victim for years. Then, the abortion added to the abuse and pain.

So, options like the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, Rachel’s Vineyard Post Aboriton Healing Ministry, and all of the life affirming options should be explored, and people need to hear more about the choices that can heal rather than kill. Right?

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  1. Rap Man says:

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