National Day Of Mourning A Success

Here are some links to articles, videos, and pictures of the events:

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National Day of Morning – Philadelphia

Black pastors lead Planned Parenthood picket
In Canton OH (Stark County) – with photo!

Pro-Life Leaders Mourn Black Genocide
CBN NEWS — online article and 2:19 minute VIDEO CLIP w Rev Childress

Black Life Advocates Mourn Outside Gosnell’s Clinic, Across the U.S.
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National Day of Mourning site Article by Rev Walter Hoye; info re California locations for Day of Mourning

OTHER sites which picked up or echoed reports:

Pro-life Leaders Mourn Black Genocide from Abortion and Call for Black Pastors to Speak Out

Watch: Pro-Life Leaders Mourn Black Genocide

Pro-Life Leaders Mourn Black Genocide

On February 28, 2011, the last day of “Black History Month”, the National Black Prolife Coalition led a National Day of Mourning in 17 states to decry the loss of over 53 million babies killed (disproportionately over 16 million of which are black babies) by the supremely wrong constitutional decision of legalized abortion, known as Roe v. Wade. Abortion providers, Planned Parenthood in particular, have targeted the African American community for genocide. We must bring an end to this atrocity!

In Philadelphia, outside the dreary “Gosnell House of Horrors”, we gathered on that cold and rainy Monday morning. As we approached the corner of the building, we whispered to God, asking Him to stop the rain and warm our bodies as we prepared to pray for that one hour. Remarkably, the rain did stop, and the sun came from behind the clouds while we were reading scripture and praying. The temperature warmed by several degrees, and at certain points in our corporate prayer, the rays of the sun shining upon our bowed heads was absolutely warm and brilliant.

What is also amazing is that as we prayed in the Name of Jesus, people from the community began to join us. Pregnancy care center ministries; a woman preacher who devoted two years to praying in front of the aborturary, saving the lives of an estimated 150 babies; a woman who had been victimized at the death mill; and a man whose wife had been victimized and sterilized at the killing center. The grieving mother and the brokenhearted husband stopped to pray with us.

The man married his post abortive wife, and when she later told him of her sad past, and her abortion story, he, like Gomer’s Hosea, stood by her. Gosnell had sterilized his wife, and she was not able to bear his children. He tearfully shared his adoption story with us, and prayed such a powerful prayer, that we also were moved to weep before the Lord with him. There was a young girl who came with her father, and they prayed with us, and she was led to join Students for Life.

There are so many testimonies from all 17 states, that we can’t record them all in this listing.

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  1. Dear Dr. King,
    I just read the Christian newswire press release about your “Day of Mourning” and know Our Dear Lord will bless this effort, and you and your team… PROFOUNDLY! How blest we Americans are to have such leadership on the front lines of the Pro-Life movement as you and Fr. Frank Pavone! I am confident that with God’s help, “We Shall Overcome…”
    Adele M. Gill

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