Natural Disasters and Un-natural Behavior: Coincidence or Connection?

This past weekend, there were storms in and around the DC metro area. Power to two million was lost. No lights, no computers, no phone access for days. Food shortages and general anxiety, arrested plans were all in the mix. All this amidst record high temperatures in many eastern states reaching as high as 104 degrees, breaking records set over 70 years ago. Is it just me, or does anyone else wonder if when human behavior goes against the natural order of things, if nature doesn’t become confused as well?

I bet you know where I’m going with this. Abortion, abortion drugs, homosexual marriage and other life defying practices are all the rage in DC while the storm is literally raging. How do abortion, abortion drugs and homosexual marriage defy life? They are actually connected! An aborted baby is a dead baby. Abortion drugs attempt to make sure that babies are not born. Finally, two men’s sexual connection or two women’s sexual connection do not a baby make. No baby, no life.

Talk about stormy weather.

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  1. Amelia Augusta says:

    Why would you perpetuate such terrible misinformation?

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