Pastor Broden and Alveda on Glenn Beck show at 5 PM today – Please pray for us!

Please pray for us as we discuss God’s love on Glenn’s show!

12 Responses to “Pastor Broden and Alveda on Glenn Beck show at 5 PM today – Please pray for us!”

  1. Becky Whitlock says:

    I just finished watching the Glen Beck show and was so very impressed with your comments. You are pleasant, informative, and encouraging with your positive comment.

  2. Lisa Shaw says:

    I prayed for all of you and watched the incredible program of the three of you. I believe GOD was glorified!

  3. Cathy Drake says:

    I watched Dr. King and Pastor Broden on Glenn’s show today. Dr. King’s message of love was awesome. She seems so gentle and peaceful – I could feel her love for mankind. Pastor Broden was also wonderful. Thank God for people like Dr. King, Pastor Broden and Glenn Beck. I’ll be praying for all of you.


    I feel so blessed to have seen the Glenn beck program today and had the pleasure of listening to Dr King and Pastor Broden. I am not fro Texas but will pray for Pastor Broden’s successful run for congress. I wish we could multiply this down to earth and very intelligent man.

  5. A. M. Palumbo says:

    Miracles do happen… today a miracle happened on the Glenn Beck Show. The Bible says… where three of you gather, there I AM in your midst. The three of you brought HIM to America… continue the message!

  6. cathy says:

    I must tell you that i have my faith in humanity renewed after watching you and the pastor on glen beck today. YOU exude such kindness and compassion. I hope this type of forum with whites and blacks spreads like wild fire and Dr.Kings DREAM becomes a true reality. I am a 61 yo white female who was raised in n.c. and i, unlike glen beck, saw the violence and inequality towards blacks daily and i despised what i saw and could not understand it since i was raised not to judge others for any reason. I hope to see more of you and the pastor on national tv soon-it will be good for a country in such turmoil. GOD bless you and the pastor. cathy

  7. Susan Ankrum says:

    I didn’t want to listen to Glen Beck today – feeling like all I do is listen to politics, and realizing that I need to focus more on the Lord than the condition of His creation – but I changed the channel anyway. I don’t know why. We have a TV in the lobby where I work, I was the only one there, and golf that someone had turned on earlier was boring me. I was SO blessed by what you had to say. I’ve been thinking so strongly about checking out of the 24/7/365 news cycle mania and just burying myself in the Word of life, that I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard you say you’ve withdrawn from politics and have devoted yourself to prayer.

    I know that there are those who must remain in the fight, and I don’t want to be a weakling, but I also know that when God is trying to move us, He may just make us so uncomfortable where we are that we just have to move! Your words were a confirmation to me that some of us are being called out of the worldly battle and into the spiritual one – not that I haven’t been painfully aware that ALL of this is a spiritual battle! Everything has become so opposite of God’s desire for us, and in such an obviously calculated way over many years, that I’m convinced it is Satan’s crafty plan coming to fruition – and I grieve for those who have allowed themselves to be used by him to achieve his goals.

    Your agreement with Glen Beck and Pastor Broden regarding an impending miracle was also a blessing by God to me – I have come to believe that this is why He is allowing all of this to happen. Just as Elijah ordered the water to be poured over the altar, so is the Lord preparing us for the miracle that only HE can provide.

    I didn’t really know anything about you until today – I was only vaguely familiar with who you are. By allowing God to speak through you, the three of you provided me with a peace that… well, you know the rest! What a blessing to hear the Word of God spoken on a “news” station with such passion and conviction!

    Finally – it is another confirmation to realize that though we are worlds apart and have never met – and probably won’t, this side of heaven – we speak the same language. God is pouring out His Spirit, even as Satan is feeling like he’s got the world by a string. As your uncle would say – “Praise God Almighty!” – we know Who wins in the end!

    Bless you, bless the dear Pastor, bless the beleaguered but intrepid Mr. Beck, and may God be glorified in all of this, in the name of Jesus.

    Your sister in Christ,

    Susan Ankrum
    Fargo, ND

  8. Leah Martin says:

    Great show! You renew and restore my faith! Amen to you brothers and sisters

  9. Kathy says:

    Thank you Dr. King and Pastor Broden for your witness and for your love – HIS love shown through both of you. I’ll continue to pray for both of you. What wonderous and miraculous times we are living in!

  10. pete romano says:

    I feel compelled to respond to your appearance with pastor broden on the glenn beck program on friday july 16th, 2010. Your testimony and pastor broden’s was to me almost overwhelming. I believe God was very faithful to the truths you shared. I am in total agreement with everything you shared. I think you had a profound effect on mr beck as well. I saw God’s wisdom manifested in your words. I pray this message is a new begining of what can be if we just practice loving one another. Thank you for you courage, thank you Lord, that this moment happened. I see satan’s inventions…..and God’s intervention…..I think that in the right spirit the august 28th event could be one of the greatest memorials to the dream of Rev. King….and a chance for america to reallyl come together….and begin to see….as Lincoln said…..” A house divided against itself , cannot stand “….we all need each other. God bless you, Alveda….God bless you…and everything you do….and thank you ..for the having the courage to spead your own mind….as God gave you the ability to see what truth is…..

  11. Frances says:

    I saw the Beck’s program and I loved it! This is the true meaning of what unity represents.

  12. Barrie says:

    I’m a big Glenn Beck fan and I found your words and your demeanor very inspiring. Thanks!

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