Play “The Grace Card” and not the Race Card – because inside “we are all the same!”

Wow! My friend DB told me to go and see the movie THE GRACE CARD, a must see. He was so right! Wow! From the beginning throughout, it was poignant, compelling, telling, enlightening, soul stirring, and I haven’t told you yet how I really feel about the movie (smile).

I won’t give the plot away, because you really need to see the movie. I will mention that my Uncle M. L. (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) was quoted in the movie. From childhood, I grew up knowing that there is only one race on the planet, the “human” race. By Dad, A. D. and Uncle M. L. taught about the “World House” where a “Beloved Community” lived together in agape lovea and peace. The World House is right there in THE GRACE CARD. Please go and see it.

Once again, Christian movie makers have proven that people will go to the theaters to see wholesome movies! FACING THE GIANTS, FIREPROOF, and now GRACE CARD are the most recent on the list of must sees. Coming next is COURAGEOUS, make sure you see that too. Also, there are so many more, including those that are addressing the life issue.

Support these movies. Take your friends and family and your church and the whole neighborhood.

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