Post Elections Thoughts

In the midst of babysitting my little granddaughter, making spaghetti sauce for her mother and aunt and uncles, taking some phone calls of congratulations and commiseration… Congratulations are coming in from friends and family who are puzzled by the political sweep that has put conservatives back in “power.” The commiseration comes from those who still consider themselves “victims” of those they consider to be their enemies in the political realm. For me, the question “What does victory look like?” comes to mind.

In my article The Church Can Turn The Tide, we can see that our major responsibility remains in the prayer realm, not the political realm. This is not a time to rest on our laurels by any means. The most successful strategies remain in the realm of prayer and Christian political responsibility. Like Daniel and Joseph and Esther of old, we must use our influence to pray for those in authority so that we can lead peaceful lives.

Over the next few months, leading up to the critical elections of 2010, we need to flood the atmosphere with our prayers… Prayer for life, marriage, family, values affirming education, lower rates of incarceration of our children, financial stability based upon Christian stewardship, the defeat of idols in high places, and end to abortion, and healing for our land.

We must stay in constant contact and communication with our elected officials. This is a good time to press for affirming the dignity of life from conception until natural death through a sound “personhood” agenda. This is also a good time for advancing awareness campaigns including the genocide factors, the harm abortion does to women and families, and the healing after abortion that is available to women and men who have been victims of loss of life of children through abortion.

Friends, this is no time to rest on our laurels. Let’s get busy, or stay busy working for life! Amen.

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    Nice article. I just bookmarked your blog and will come daily to see the latest article.

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