Public Statement from Diocese of Amarillo about Father Pavone

Amarillo, TX – The diocese of Amarillo today stepped forward to state publicly that Fr. Frank Pavone is a priest of good standing in the Catholic Church, and that there are no claims at all being made that he did anything wrong.

Reports in the last couple of days may have led some to the opposite conclusion because the bishop wants more information regarding the finances of the ministries Fr. Pavone heads. But there is a difference between wanting more information and claiming that someone did something wrong. And the diocese wanted to stress that distinction. There is no suspicion of wrongdoing.

Click here for statement from Msgr. Waldow

One Response to “Public Statement from Diocese of Amarillo about Father Pavone”

  1. Tad Karmazyn says:

    I don’t understand this whole problem. If there is no wrong doing proved, why Fr. Frank can not continue his wonderful job of saving lives of innocent babies? What can be done to free Fr. Pavone? He is needed. Nobody in the Catholic Church in our country defends Life as powerfully as Fr. Frank. May God bless him and give him strength to fight for Life.
    Thank you.

    Tad Karmazyn

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