Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Newsweek and Utah Legislator should visit SNMA website

Dear Representative Wimmer, the woman/mother and the baby are both harmed by abortion. Women need love, not abortion. Please visit

The sponsor of the Utah bill that would have made it a crime for a mother to seek an illegal abortion has withdrawn the measure after the governor refused to sign it because it would penalize women for “reckless behavior” in addition to intentional behavior. Rep. Carl Wimmer said he will rewrite the bill, which now must pass both houses of the Utah legislature before adjournment next Thursday.


Dear Mrs. Clinton, once again, you didn’t mention that abortion kills babies and hurts women…
In a Brazilian TV interview, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton answered a university student’s question about abortion by saying it “is something that needs to be carefully thought about because of the great effect it has on the numbers of children that poor women have that they can’t educate, feed properly, care for, the great toll that illegal abortions take, and the denial of women being able to exercise such a fundamental personal right.”


A clever attempt at deflection, outrageous again! What isn’t clearly stated is that abortion is a horrible deed that kills babies and hurts women. The women and the babies should not bear the stigma, that’s true, but the answer is not to try and a make excuses for abortion, nor to make the deed seem acceptable, women and babies deserve love, not abortion. They deserve better than abortion!

A Newsweek article yesterday on “destigmatizing abortion” stated that 40% of adult American women have had an abortion, yet this figure did not factor for repeat abortions. A reader of the article points to a Guttmacher study indicating that half of all abortions are performed on women who have already had an abortion. The readers says that the 40% figure should be closer to 20%.


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