Tell the Whole Story

HBO’s documentary 12th and Delaware depicts the strategies crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) use in order to persuade women to choose alternatives to having an abortion. While portraying the CPCs as manipulative and deceptive, the documentary fails to use any testimonies of women and families which Pregnancy Care Centers have blessed. As is the case with all things, there are always going to be a few rotten apples in every basket, but to not tell the whole story is irresponsible. Grady, one of the show’s producers, says of the center in the film, it “uses a lot of alarming, scary language and photographs that you don’t typically see in a doctor’s office. If I was an 18-year-old girl that was in crisis, that would really scare me.” An abortion is a surgical procedure, it is graphic, and they should be scared. The truth can sometimes be scary and graphic. But what these graphic pictures also depict is that what is being aborted is an actual human being, just like you or me, but smaller and defenseless. Now talk about scary: did you know that having an abortion can lead to other health problems, emotional problems, relational problems, suicide ideation and suicide attempts, and yes, even death? But the abortion facilities won’t tell you that. Most of the CPCs are constantly going through training in order to better serve their clients. Their goal is to help these women, not hurt them.

Check out organizations like Heartbeat International and Care-Net to see the wonderful work they are doing.

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