The Congressional Black Caucus is Doing the Black Community a Disservice

In a letter dated May 3 to the Democratic women of the Senate, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) urged them to fight just as hard for the reproductive healthcare rights of low-income women in the District of Columbia as they do for their own constituents, as reported by The Hill

The Hill writes, “the CBC members said they were “deeply disappointed” when Democrats agreed last month to a 2011 continuing resolution (CR) that included language barring D.C. from using local taxpayer dollars to fund abortion services for low-income women.”

I too am “deeply disappointed”, but with the CBC. If women of the Congressional Black Caucus really want to help women, they should insist that the harms and pitfalls of abortion be included in legislation and education campaigns: The breast cancer link, the post abortive effects like depression, eating disorders, emotional detachment, etc.

Even the Supreme Court, in its ruling in the Partial Birth Abortion case, Gonzales v. Carhart, referenced an amicus brief submitted by the Justice Foundation which included the testimony of 180 post-abortive women who have been hurt by abortion. A press release states, “Recognizing that “some women come to regret” having an abortion, the Court stated, “Whether to have an abortion requires a difficult and painful moral decision” and is “fraught with emotional consequence.” The Court also noted that “Severe depression and loss of esteem can follow” an abortion, (p. 28-29)…”

Additionally, Operation Outcry also influenced a court decision with similar testimony of post-abortive women. “The United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit on June 27, 2008 upheld South Dakota’s statute requiring abortionists to tell a woman that “the abortion will terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being,” defined as a member of the human species (Homo sapiens).” Not a part of the woman’s body but a distinct life.

Abortion hurts women. It destroys the life of the baby and many times the life of the parents, both men and women. The CBC should be concerned about that. I and hundreds of women are silent no more, (SNMA) and many receive healing (RV). There are even many powerful celebrity testimonies about the harm abortion brings.

Ryan Bomberger of Too Many Aborted commented on the story stating, “Could there be any more repulsive irony in all of this? Black women fighting to kill black babies? These abortion apologists exercise little logic in its defense, and apparently no facts. Abortion is a needless and violent solution to Life that is unplanned. And it is a tragedy NO MATTER the race. It has never reduced poverty, unintended pregnancy rates, nor empowered women. It is destructive and has taken a disproportionate toll on the black community.

In the CBC’s attempt to grossly distort a measure that protects life, specifically those of black children, they continue to lie about the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act, which ONLY cuts off federal funding for Title X organizations/facilities that perform abortion. The bill does not touch the thousands of Title X family planning clinics that offer the exact same reproductive health services as Planned Parenthood.

As a black man who is an adoptee and adoptive father, I am disgusted by this CBC-promoted self-inflicted violence and idiocy. These CBC members willfully ignore the obvious devastating impact of abortion in the urban community and demand our posterity be destroyed instead of advocating the funding of real solutions (or better yet promoting responsible personal behaviors) that don’t require the sacrifice of our humanity.”

Abortion in an intrinsic evil and I don’t want my tax dollars paying for any woman’s abortion. If those that are fighting for the right of a woman to murder her baby are so concerned with that woman’s financial ability to hire the doctor to carry out the murder, then they should offer their own money to help her out. I want my tax dollars to go to legitimate Title X health care centers that offer women and children real healthcare, not abortions. Abortion providers under the guise of offering mammograms and other “so called” health services should be exposed and shut down.

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