The Facts About Abortion

Article By Marcella Franseen

Abortion is a lie from its beginning to its end and at every place in-between. There have been over 55 million abortions done in the United States since Roe vs. Wade. Over 55 million lives lost to a lie. I would like to give an overview of three of the most powerful lies of the abortion industry.

Lie #1: Unborn babies are not full human beings

Is the unborn a human being? This is one of those questions that should be simple, but has been made complicated by the pro-abortion agenda. Whenever the culture wants to relegate a group of people to property the first question asked is, “Are these people fully human?”

The reason we ask this question is because we generally believe all human beings have the right to life and freedom. Our nation is founded on this belief:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.- Declaration of Independence

If the people we want to possess as property can be proven to be fully human then they hold what we recognize as the natural God-given rights of all humans, that of life and freedom. If their humanity can be denied, their rights to life and freedom can be denied and it becomes easy to relegate them to property.

Slaves and aborted babies unite

A recognized example of this is American slavery where African-Americans were denied their personhood because of the color of their skin and made property to be bought, sold, worked, used, and abused.

African-Americans did not have a legal leg to stand on for protection because they were judged by the law to be less than human.

We now look back at that time in American history as an injustice. We wonder how the slave traders and plantation owners were unable to see the full humanity in the African-American standing in front of them.

We shake our heads in disgust that something like a person’s skin color could be used to deny their God-given rights. And as we cast our judgment on the people of that time, does that same judgment not return on our culture unable to see the humanity of the unborn?

It baffles me we argue life does not begin at conception. When does anything start? At the beginning. Why would life not start at the beginning? Why would it start somewhere in the middle or down the road?

On the contrary, conception is the precise moment human life begins and is humanity’s common ground. Whether black, white, Asian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, or any other people group, we all begin the same way: the uniting of a sperm and egg.

Ultrasound and technology have made it possible for us to get a good picture of how a person begins life and develops. Life truly is a beautiful miracle!

From conception to birth

We now understand every time a sperm and ovum unite during fertilization a new and unique human being is created. All the DNA that will direct this new person’s continued growth and development throughout life is contained in that one cell.

A baby’s heart begins to beat as early as the 20th day after conception. As early as 7 weeks the baby is kicking, moving, and can suck its thumb. Evidence shows that as early as 8 weeks babies can feel pain.

At 12 weeks a baby’s taste buds . . .

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