The Gosnell Boogie Man Lives On In Abortion Mills Across America

Gosnell Boogie Man cropped

Even though Kermit Gosnell is incarcerated the horrors of his abortion regime still linger on. Once, parents terrorized little children with stories of the Boogie Man. Has Gosnell become the boogie man for the unborn babies in the worm and their mothers?

Where is Gosnell? Is there a Gosnell near you?

Dear Mrs. Pelosi, and all leaders with authority, and those who think they do; please protect the babies from tactics like the horrible abortionist Kermit Gosnell inflicted on the wombs of many, many women during the time he was allowed to run an abortion mill. Please Mrs. Pelosi, and all leaders, don’t let the Gosnells of the world kill our babies.

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