The Numbers Don’t Lie

Yesterday I responded to a column by a Planned Parenthood employee that claimed that her employer was not involved in black genocide and that for anyone to suggest such a thing was not only illogical but offensive to her. I happen to know the truth about the numbers the abortion industry doesn’t want you to know. The numbers don’t lie. Follow the two links below and see for your selves and then you can decide for yourself what the real truth is. My hope is that you too will see what is happening to our community and will work to stop the genocide of the Black community before it’s too late.


Number One Killer

Fact: More Black babies have been killed by abortion that the total populations of Chicago, Oakland, Houston, Philadelphia, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, Detroit, Baltimore, DC, Atlanta, and Boston COMBINED.

Very frightening.

To educate yourself and help stop Black genocide click hear. Help stop the killing of our babies.

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