The Obama Administration’s “accommodation.” Better or Worse?

So the answer to all the outcry from the Catholics and other pro-life organizations is to make the insurance companies pay for the mandate.

Just who does Obama think is going to pay for this new increase in the insurance company’s expenditure? Not the insurance companies, that’s for sure. The cost will be passed on to the consumers. You and me! As Herman Cain likes to say, “The Obama administration thinks we’re stupid.” Instead of making employers pay for the new mandate, Obama thinks we won’t complain if we all pay for the mandate through increased insurance premiums.

One of the arguments to the original mandate is that certain groups think that the use of contraception and sterilization is a moral evil and they did not want to pay for their employees to provide that coverage. Now the Administration is passing the expense from the employers to everyone. Whether you have to pay for it through higher premiums for those with private insurance or through our tax dollars for those with government insurance, we are all still paying for the mandate.

President Obama, “We’re not stupid.”

And we’re not frogs. Throw a frog into a boiling pot of water and it will jump right back out. Put that same from in a cool pot of water and heat up the water slowly to a boil and that frog will be content to stay in the water and will eventually die.

The Obama administration must think we’re frogs. First they mandated that insurance companies cover certain “preventive women’s health services” at no cost to women. At first there was a hoopla over the decision but after a while things settled down. Then they try to force religious organizations to violate their conscience and provide these services for all of their employees. And they think that by shifting the expense from employers to everyone we will be content to let them pick our pockets to pay for other’s lifestyles. I say we’re not frogs and this tactic will not work.

When will Americans wake up to the bigger issue.

Contraceptives, sterilization, and abortion (and all related issues associated with abortion such as breast cancer, depression, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse etc.) are just the symptoms to the bigger problem of moral decay in America and around the world. Until this issue is addressed, we will always have the symptoms. The more the decay, the more symptoms we will have.

If we are to ever fix our society, we need to return back to God and the design of the natural family. Yes, it takes work. Yes, we have to control ourselves. Yes, we will have to become better parents. Yes, we will have to fight against anything and anyone that seeks to destroy the moral fiber of our nation. Yes, I mean Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.

None of this will be easy but it must be done if we are going to preserve even a shred of morality for out grandchildren. The youth of America are getting it which is evident by the number of youths that attended the March of Life 2012 in Washington, DC just a few weeks ago.

I don’t know about you but I love my children and grandchildren enough to fight for the unborn and try to shift the culture of death back to a culture of LIFE. Join me won’t you?

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  2. Catherine Boyle says:

    Thank you so much Doctor King. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, in this fight for the honor of our country. Sincerely, Catherine and Thomas Boyle

  3. Christine Bridges/Penn says:

    Thank you for putting my heart into words. May our children pray for us and for perseverence to the end and for faith in the zeal of the Lord that will win this battle of authentic Love.

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