The Tide is Turning

A while back, yours truly released an article entitled “The Church Can Turn The Tide.” Looking back, it becomes very apparent that it is GOD who turns the tide, and that as HIS Bride through Jesus our Lord and the Holy Spirit’s leadings, we are used in this process. At any rate, the tide is turning. There are several news articles of date, including the buzz regarding Alice Walker’s daughter, Bishop Eddie Long and so many other things that let us know that people are coming forth with issues that have heretofore been “hidden.” The time now is more for prayer, crying out to GOD that as in the book of Jude, many will be rescued. Let us pray that as the sins of this nation are exposed, we will all obey the mandate in the book of Chronicles, and humble ourselves and pray and turn from our wicked ways, and really be GOD’s people, so that GOD will truly heal our land! GOD bless you today dear friends!

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