This Planned Parenthood Scandal Gives Grave Robbing a New Meaning

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StemExpress and Planned Parenthood, both recently featured in Center for Medical Progress videos, are taking grave robbing to a new level according to Richard Esposito, the publisher, of the Placerville Mountain Democrat. He writes that “grave-robbing has become acceptable in the name of science and those engaged in the business can make a good buck.”

So for some, the work of baby body part harvesters is akin to grave robbing, a practice that involves bodies being dug up after burial in order to harvest their body parts for research.

In the case of aborted babies though, most of the bodies don’t even get buried before someone is lining up to claim their body parts. In many cases the dignity of a human person’s life has been so devalued by acts such as abortion that the defenseless preborn babies are not even recognized as humans but as commodities, to be chopped up and sold to the highest bidder.

As a post abortive mother, I still shudder to wonder what happened to my aborted and miscarried babies; little people. When I attended a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat for healing after my two abortions, and miscarriage I named and memorialized the babies. This forgiveness and healing process, available to everyone, helps to restore dignity to those lost and harmed by abortions.

Thank God for Priests for Life, and all pro-life warriors who respect human life and work to restore the dignity that has been taken away from millions of aborted babies and their parents. Because Baby, Mother and Daddy suffer in the process.

Many aborted babies never receive names, proper burials or graves. But Priests for Life is working to change this indignity.

At a naming ceremony in June 2013 despite the medical examiner’s refusal to release the babies for proper burial, The baby victims of Dr. Gosnell, the doctor convicted on three counts of first degree murder for ‘snipping’ the spinal cords of babies he delivered alive, were given names, and memorialized.

Fr. Frank has also presided at a number of funerals for aborted babies. Also, on September 12 of each year there is a National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children where memorials are conducted at sites all over America in tribute to the humanity of the aborted children.

All too often society would look away from the truth that babies being aborted by the millions. Yet we must not forget that these babies are human beings created by God; little human persons deserving of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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  2. Joanne Beasley says:

    Thank you, Alveda, for writing to protect the unborn! I just watched your interview with Cavuto and loved your stand that “All lives matter!”. I would love to share this particular blog you wrote on my FB page but would like to include something for mothers who have aborted their babies, not knowing what they know today about the unborn, and regret having done so. I wonder is there a way for these mothers to grieve the loss of their baby along with the September 12th memorials? Are there guidelines they could follow? like a prayer or something? I just have been reluctant to put ANYTHING on my Facebook page about abortion because I’m sensitive to people who may have had one, and regret it, perhaps feel shame associated with it, haven’t even admitted it was a human baby, cannot face the emotional pain of what they’ve done, and I don’t want to shame them further. If I were to put anything on my Facebook page, I would want to put something that would help them know, if they wish they had not done it, they are forgiven by God. So again my question is, I would love to share this blog entry, but not without an encouragement to women who have had abortions and wish they had not. But not sure how to do that.

  3. Alveda King says:

    Joanne, Rachel’s Vineyard retreats provide healing for those who have had abortions. I myself attended one such retreat and it helped me tremendously. Their number is 1-800-HOPE-4-ME or Hope this helps.

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