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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963 dramatically changed our culture and made possible much advancement in civil rights. His niece, the renowned Dr. Alveda King, has spent most of her adult life furthering that dream. Author, lecturer, singer, actress, and founder of King for America, Inc., Dr. Alveda King will present two talks in Elmira on September 13th entitled, “How Can the Dream Survive?” The first will take place at 2pm at Notre Dame High School Auditorium, followed by a 7pm presentation at the Clemens Center.

A grandmother, Alveda King is as dedicated as ever to continuing her uncle’s legacy. She recalls a time during the Civil Rights Movement when her family’s home in Birmingham, Alabama and her father’s church office in Louisville, Kentucky were bombed, and when she was jailed over open housing. “How Can the Dream Survive” examines the impact of today’s societal problems, including the high rate of school dropouts, failing school systems, gang violence, fallout from the sexual revolution, corruption in the justice system, and the link between poverty and crime.

“If Dr. King were here today,” Alveda states, “he would warn us that America is on the verge of a spiritual collapse due to the attacks on the spiritual fiber or fabric of this blessed land.” Alveda believes her uncle would be especially alarmed about abortion, killing more African-Americans than heart disease, stroke, crime and HIV-AIDS combined.

Sponsored by Chemung County Right-to-Life, both presentations are free and open to the public. The Clemens Center presentation will also feature an All-Star Gospel choir from local churches.

For more information, visit KingElmira.com and Alveda’s travel schedule.

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