We Shall Overcome!


We know that there is a lot of arm twisting occurring across the communities of the world to get people to “endorse evil.” We must watch and pray, and continue to overcome evil with good as the Bible teaches us.

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. – Romans 12:21

We must continue to flood the social network with truth and light. I am convinced that Christians have to increase the amount of positive and righteous coverage and flood the media outlets with truth. Having said that, I’m not sure how to let people know how diabolical things really are.

Not only are we dealing with IRS scandal, suppression of freedom of speech, and other constitutional issues here in the US. There are many “scare tactics” afoot to get people to comply with policies that they know are wrong.

For instance, the Boy Scouts have hidden internal sexual molestation of boys for years, and now may be under pressure of exposure if they don’t agree to let the homosexual boys openly participate. The same thing goes on in religious institutions, with leaders molesting children, pastors having sex with women and then covering up abortions, human trafficking scandals and the like.

In all of these cases, the boys, girls, young women and young men are not the villains; they are the victims.

My mother has always said that “you can’t clean house by sweeping dirt under the rug.” Now that all this dirt is coming out, how do we repent and lead the nation into repentance, deliverance and discipleship?

Oh Lord, have mercy!

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