Why Some Uninformed African Americans Support Abortion Rights

A response to an article from Veronica Byrd, director of African-American media for Planned Parenthood Federation of America

As an informed black woman, I can only imagine how my African American sisters are going to feel when they realize the awful duplicity that has been forced upon our people. My sisters, before you read Ms Byrd’s article and say, “You go girl” please investigate and find out where the pro-abortion community really wants you to go. As one who has firsthand knowledge of the abortion controversy, only because I’m in the middle of it every day of my life and I can spot all the false statements in Ms. Byrd’s article, I encourage you to be informed. So let’s go over some of the facts.

First, let me preface this by saying that if women exercised their right to choose prior to engaging in having sex, this whole discussion becomes moot and we wouldn’t even have to worry about abortion and access to contraceptives. If people practiced chastity, there would be no need for this discussion. I believe that we are not animals and can control our desires. I know it’s not easy but it’s possible with some discipline. With that said, let’s move forward.

Two people in this picture, mom and baby

1. “[M]ost support a woman’s right to control her own body.”- I too support a woman’s right to control her own body, especially before she makes the choice to have a sexual encounter. I believe nobody disputes that women, or men for that matter, have the right to control their own body. Where the disputes arises is whether the baby in the woman’s womb is a part of her body or a totally and separate body. It has been clearly pointed out in medical resources and even in one court ruling that human life begins at conception. Twenty-three chromosomes from the mother and twenty-three chromosomes from the father come together at conception and form a unique individual human life. This life is no more a part of the mother’s body as it is the father’s. The mother has just been entrusted for the care of that life until birth at which time someone else may care for the baby if the mother is not able or willing to do so. Even those that support abortion acknowledge that life begins at conception because science supports that fact. The issue then becomes whether the human baby has rights under the law and for that the courts have not given the human baby the status of a person thereby stripping him/her of his/her rights under the law. Even in the very painful and unjust occurrence of a rape of a mother, the personhood and civil rights of the product of the rape, the baby, must prayerfully and positively be considered. So let’s recap: a woman can and does have the right to choose what she does with her body, but the baby is not her body.

2. “According to a recent survey by the Public Religion Research Institute, some 64 percent of us believe ‘abortion should be legal in all or most cases.’” – I tried to find the survey of which Ms. Byrd spoke about and I did find a survey but the number was 56% not 64%. This may not be the one she quoted. I cannot speak to the reliability of the survey as I don’t know much about the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI). From just the little research I did, it seems to be a liberal, progressive organization. Another survey done by PRRI also said that, “Majority of Americans say they support same-sex marriage, adoption by gay and lesbian couples” which contradicts everything I’ve ever read. What I do know is that a survey conducted on May 23, 2011 by Gallup shows that 61% think abortion should be legal in few or no circumstances. You will have to read them both and make up your own mind. I know which survey I think is more credible.

3. “Is someone pushing us into abortion against our will? Of course not.” – Although African Americans are not being pushed into abortions against their will, Planned Parenthood is placing their abortion mills (79%) in minority neighborhoods. Planned Parenthood, through their principles as outlined in one of my recent blogs, is in the business of pushing promiscuity among all people beginning with our children. As I explained, all contraceptives have a failure rate. The more people Planned Parenthood gets to start using contraceptives, the more unplanned pregnancies, the more abortions they can perform. What a scheme they’ve got going on; a great business model to generate yourself more revenue, as long as you disguise it as giving women a choice.

4. “Anti-choice groups are plastering our communities with billboards that offer a ludicrous proposal. By their logic, abortion providers are robbing us of our children, so we must fight back by giving up our right to choose.” – Ms. Byrd begins this argument with “anti-choice” trying to depict those of us who don’t want women having the right to kill their babies as being against choice. As I stated earlier, women have a choice but that choice is before they have sex. After they are pregnant, they are already a mother. Abortion doesn’t remove motherhood; it only makes you a mother of a dead baby. The billboards Ms. Byrd is speaking about are only stating facts; facts that cannot be contested because they are true. Nobody is asking anyone to give their right to choose. What the billboards are asking is for the black community to wake up to the eugenic and genocidal roots of Planned Parenthood. The billboards want the black community to wake up to the fact that about 50% of all pregnancies end in an abortion.

5. “Many of us [blacks] lack the resources to prevent unplanned, untenable pregnancies.” – This has got to be the most ridiculous statement in the whole article and one that I don’t think gets discussed enough. How many resources does it really take to prevent ‘unplanned, untenable pregnancies?’ Let me ask it in a different way. How much does it cost to decide not to have sex? That’s really what we’re talking about. No sex; no ‘unplanned, untenable pregnancy.’ Have sex and there’s a chance you may get pregnant. It’s your CHOICE. You get to CHOOSE your own path.

Before this becomes a real rant, because I am truly outraged, let’s give a heads up “you go girl” to Star Parker for keeping it real. Check out Star’s debate on Sean Hannity by clicking here.

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