Your Support Is Needed To Insist To The Senate To Defund Planned Parenthood

According to a article published March 3, 2011:

In a new email sent to its members and supporters, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards claims that, since the February 18 vote in the House for the Pence Amendment, “more than 700,000 women and men have signed an open letter to stand with Planned Parenthood” that has gone to members of the Senate.

She also encourages them for more support hoping to reach one million signatures

That’s a million signatures from supporters that are contacting their senators because they have believed the lies of Planned Parenthood. If they were aware of Planned Parenthood’s own 2009 report that shows Planned Parenthood has been increasing the number of abortions while at the same time reducing the other services they provide to women, I doubt they would be so eager to stand with Planned Parenthood. Either way, the Pro-Life Movement needs to make sure that the senators know the truth about Planned Parenthood. Please contact your senators and let them know that you don’t want your hard-earned tax dollars going to an organization that so blatantly violates state laws, is complicit in criminal activities and has no regard for human life, much less the lives of women they purport to want to help. All they’re interested in is increasing their revenue so they can build more facilities, kill more babies and hurt more women.

The truth will be known. Planned Parenthood is scared because their organization most likely will not survive without our tax dollars as Abby Johnson stated in a recent O’Reilly Factor interview. And she, a former Planned Parenthood director now turned Pro-Life activist, should know. She’s so sure she knows what she’s talking about that she had issued a challenge to Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood CEO, for a public debate over whether Planned Parenthood should receive our tax dollars. Let’s see if Cecile is as sure of her position as Abby is about hers. That should make for an interesting debate.

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  1. Gerry says:

    The Senate should defund planned parenthood ? As a Catholic, I find this incredibly offensive. The church itself has little moral standing anymore to even push such a notion (see constant immoral scandals of the Pope and Church for the last 2,000 yrs. and the current child abuse horrors that we see everyday) Is the Catholic Church going to pay the difference ? Millions are spent by Planned Parenthood on testing and providing health services to 10’s of thousands of the flock who can not afford these services on their own.
    Also, it is a scientific fact that 2/3rds of all fertilized, conceived eggs, are aborted naturally. That means God, does it not, aborts 67 % of all conceived children. Was it also man’s place to superceed our Lord and invent Progesterone, which prevents the multitudes of still- born and miscarried babies of the past. Is not this meddling with the works of God ? We are all heritics today. How can one not be, when the Church is no longer the center of morality, but a dinosaur of a by-gone age where the flock was too ignorant and scared to speak up. And after the news broke regarding the sex scandals of the church, was there even an apology for your crimes against humanity. I never heard one. The shame I carry as a Cathoilic these days has nullified all that I learned as a child in the Church and made a laughing stock of my religion. Now lets go out and elect a new Italian Pope, when the Church is clearly from the Southern Hemisphere. God Bless you.

  2. alv3d@ says:


    Thank you for your comment. I am non-denominational, not Catholic but I do work with many Catholics. I cannot speak to some of what you said but I do know that there was an apology issued and Pope Benedict even called them “unspeakable crimes.”

    As for Planned Parenthood, their whole business model is to get people, especially targeting young people, sexually active and then selling them abortions when they pregnant. Surprise, surprise! people have sex might get pregnant.

    As for God, He is the author of life and it is his to take if he desires. We are finite beings with a limited understanding of His divine plan. It is not our to question Him. What may not make sense to us, seeing only a small part of the picture, may make complete sense in the greater scope. Go to a museum and find a great big painting and walk right up to it and place your nose half an inch from the painting. It will not make any sense because you are focused an a few brush strokes that make no sense. But as you step back you begin to see more and more of the picture until you are able to see the whole thing. Now it makes sense. We are standing half an inch from God’s painting. Some, because of their selfishness, are seeing less. The point is that we cannot and the whole painting because of our limitations. We have to have faith.

    I hope this helps.

    God bless you, too!

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