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"... Because We Can All Work Together to Stop Abortion Now!"

On this page, you will find our past alerts, so that you can know what we did together and what the results were. Go to to see our active alerts in which you can still participate.


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Urge the House to pass the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act - 9/27/2017

Status: Success: The House passed this on October 3. See a press release about it.

Contact Your Senators Now -- Urge them to Support Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch! - 4/3/2017


On April 6, the Senate voted to end the Gorsuch filibuster, applying the Reid Rule. Judge Gorsuch will be confirmed.

Contact Your Member of Congress Now to End all Federal Funding of Abortion - 1/23/2017

Status: Success: The U.S. House of Representatives voted 238 to 183 to end domestic taxpayer funding for abortion by all federal departments, agencies, and programs.

Help Me Encourage Congress As They Investigate the Abortion Industry! - 12/1/2016


Success! "On Thursday December 1, the House passed H.Res.933, providing amounts for further expenses of the Committee on Energy and Commerce. This resolution provides a supplemental allotment of $800,000 to offset remaining costs associated with the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives. The budget for the panel was doubled. The resolution passed 234-181."

Help Me Encourage Congress To Build On Our Election Victory! - 11/14/2016

Status: Success! "On Thursday December 1, the House passed H.Res.933, providing amounts for further expenses of the Committee on Energy and Commerce. This resolution provides a supplemental allotment of $800,000 to offset remaining costs associated with the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives. The budget for the panel was doubled. The resolution passed 234-181."

Urge your Representative in Congress to vote in favor of the Conscience Protection Act! - 7/11/2016

Status: Success! The House passed this bill.

Contact your Member Of Congress Now To Defund Planned Parenthood And Save Babies! - 1/6/2016

Status: On January 6, 2016, The House of Representatives’ passage of the reconciliation bill that would defund Planned Parenthood and repeal major portions ofObamacare. It would also redirect federal dollars from Planned Parenthood to local health care agencies.

Contact Your Senators Now to Defund Planned Parenthood and Save Babies! - 12/2/2015

Status: Success: The Senate voted to approve a measure that would make Planned Parenthood ineligible to receive federal funding from the Medicaid program.  It would also repeal parts of the so-called Affordable Care Act, such as the individual and employer mandates.  Because the Senate amended the House-passed defunding bill, the House must approve it again before sending it to President Obama’s desk.

Join us in praying for the Supreme Court to hear the Priests for Life case against the HHS mandate! - 11/5/2015


The U.S. Supreme Court has accepted the case of Priests for Life against the HHS mandate that tries to force us to cover abortion in our health insurance plans. Along with six other cases that have been consolidated with ours, the Court will consider whether the 'accommodation' that the Obama administration offers to groups like Priests for Life is a substantial burden to our religious freedom, and whether the government can achieve its objectives through less restrictive means.

Over the next six months or so, we ask all believers to join with us and the other plaintiffs in praying for victory in the Court. At our prayer website,, you will find a link to special prayers that we have written ( for this intention.

Contact Congress Now to Defund Planned Parenthood - 10/22/2015

Status: Success: On October 23, 2015 The House passed Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act (H.R. 3762) by a vote of 240-189. 

Call Congress Now to Stop Planned Parenthood and Save Babies! - 9/16/2015

Status: Success!  H.R. 3134, the bill that would place a one-year moratorium on federal funding for Planned Parenthood passed the House by a 241-187 vote; H.R. 3504 , the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, passed by a 248-177 vote.  Both moved to the Senate where they will continue to need your support.

Take this prayer to Office Depot! - 9/11/2015

Status: Office Depot recanted and apologized to Fr. Frank. See a related press release.

Call on the Senate to defund Planned Parenthood! - 7/31/2015


On August 3, the Senate voted 53-46 in favor of considering legislation to defund Planned Parenthood.  Under Senate rules, however, 60 votes were needed, so the Senate was unable to vote on the bill itself.  Our next step is to urge House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to support the addition of an amendment to the Continuing Budget Resolution in September.  The resolution must be passed by Congress by September 30 or the government will partially shut down, so action must be taken when Congress returns from its summer recess after Labor Day.

Call on Congress to investigate Planned Parenthood’s sale of the body parts of babies! - 7/14/2015

Status: Success!  Three House committees and one Senate committee are conducting investigations into Planned Parenthood.  Hearings have already begun. 

Help us get the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act passed in the U.S. Senate - 6/4/2015

Status: See an updated alert from September 10, 2015 here.

Tell the U.S. Supreme Court You Stand with Priests for Life - 5/22/2015

Status: We have filed our request for the Supreme Court to hear our appeal.  We now must wait for the Court to decide whether it will accept our case.  Word could come any time after September 28, when the Supreme Court conducts its first conference of the fall term.

Help Us Protect Children From Painful Dismemberment! - 5/10/2015

Status: See Updated Alert for September 10, 2015 here

Urge your state legislators to protect babies from dismemberment abortion - 4/17/2015

Status: Kansas’s law against dismemberment abortions is currently being challenged in state court. Oklahoma’s is set to take effect this fall.  Missouri and South Carolina saw anti-dismemberment bills introduced, but their legislatures adjourned before taking any final action.

Join the Worldwide Celebration: 20th anniversary of Evangelium Vitae to be marked with prayer and study - 3/4/2015

Status: While the anniversary of Evangelium Vitae has been celebrated, this important document still serves as a guide for building a Culture of Life.  Please continue to pray and study!

Urge your Senators and Congressman to protect vulnerable teens! - 2/11/2015

Status: H.R. 803, the House version of the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act, is pending in two subcommittees of the House Judiciary Committee and has over 64 co-sponsors; S. 404, the Senate version, is pending in the Senate Judiciary Committee and has over 22 co-sponsors.

Stand with your Priests and Pastors to Defend Religious Liberty! - 12/22/2014

Status: We are currently waiting to hear if the U.S. Supreme Court will hear our challenge to the HHS mandate

Help protect underage girls in Florida from sexual predators and abortionists who look the other way - 12/1/2014

Status: Abortionist Michael Benjamin is still in business.  Please continue to call the Florida Department of Health and ask that his license be permanently revoked.

Help defend religious freedom in California, where government is mandating abortion coverage - 10/24/2014

Status: Seven California churches have filed a complaint with the federal Department of Health and Human Services asking it to find that the state’s edict to force all employers, including churches, to cover abortion in their insurance plans violates federal law.  The complaint was filed in October 2014; HHS has not responded.  A bill to reverse the coercive state abortion coverage mandate failed to get out of committee in the liberal California legislature.

Help defend religious liberty by supporting Texas pastors being threatened by the City of Houston - 10/17/2014

Status: Success! Mayor Annise Parker announced on October 29 that the city of Houston has withdrawn the subpoenas issued to local pastors -- subpoenas that were nothing more than not-so-thinly-veiled attempts to intimidate Christians into silence. This is another example of how, working together, we can stop the infringements of our religious and civil rights.

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