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The Ugly Truth About Abortion

Pastor DL Foster

January 30, 2013

Victory Magazine

ATLANTA - In the United States of America, an inconvenient truth sits in plain sight. Children are soft targets for murderers, kidnappers, pedophiles and as evidenced in the tragic Sandy Hook killings, the mentally unstable.

After the killings, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg may have uttered one of the most ironic statements to date. “This is an outrage. We are killing each other and we’re the only industrialized country in the world doing it.”

If the twenty 6-7 year olds murdered in cold blood is an outrage, its astonishing that little outrage exists for children who are wantonly murdered each day by paid doctors and their own mothers. But in this industrialized, progressive country we call America, its legal. And what's more, its a booming business.

It’s something that Dr. Alveda King, the niece of civil rights lion Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. relentlessly works to end. The possibility may still be distant, but her passion and drive are unmistakably in the now. King is a woman at the core of dealing with the abortion holocaust in America.

“The lives of all children are sacred, even those who are incubated and growing in the womb of a mother,” she said in an exclusive interview with Victory Magazine.

Mrs. King shared what she sees as a wider, deeper problem requiring more comprehensive strategies and partnerships from concerned individuals.

As director of the African American outreach for Priests for Life, an arm of Catholic prolife efforts, Mrs. King's northwest Atlanta office is jammed with books, tapes, papers, dvds and other material like an arsenal of information ready to be deployed to the ignorant.

“It’s not a natural thing for a woman to want to abort her child, she said in an almost hushed tone. “ And women who have abortions also have a greater risk of premature births. African American women have the highest percentage of abortions. We are only 13% of America's population but we have a third of all abortions. That's 18 million abortions since 1973. (the year abortion was legalized in America).”

“That's 18 million less African American children. Perhaps there was a Barack Obama in that number. Or a John Lewis. Or a Condelezza Rice or a Whitney Houston in that number. We may never know because their lives were taken from them before they got the opportunity to even cry their first cry.

Mrs. King's insight into the passe attitude of the black community is both personal and observational. A core issue she believes is the misunderstanding and lack of teaching on responsible sexuality.

“Whites are much better at evangelizing their kids. They still have problems but a lot of the youth movement are white kids. The caucasions get it. They say “if I dont get my kids to understand and believe this, we are lost.”

That insight also comes with her own stained past. The 59 year old mother of six adult children who divorced three times and twice aborted children, knows her past contains its own valuable lessons for those she seeks to connect with. The first time she aborted, she said, the doctor deceived her. Mrs. King uses a lot of anecdotal vignettes based on her own family to tell her story of the struggle to educate others on sexuality and what she believes are sex based issues at the root.

Mrs. King said there are issues that need the attention of the current prolife movement. Its language doesn't seem to translate well to the urban, hip-hop community which dominates the culture. Even one book written by black prolife leaders reads like a dissertation to affluent minds, rather than kids on the street. The disconnect, she noted, is problematic if the movement is to be passed on the the next generation.

But after almost a decade on the front lines of the abortion wars, she pauses to look forward and contemplate what is ahead for her and others who dedicate themselves to saving lives for Christ.

“The year 2013 will mark several significant landmark anniversaries including 150 years since the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, 100 years since the formation of the Federal Reserve System, 50 years since the MLK “I have a dream” speech, and 40 years of legal abortion in America with the passage of Roe versus Wade. This will surely be a year of transition and there is a need for a deep spiritual awakening. “

“While many women who were abolitionists ended up becoming women rights activists, bitterness caused them to adopt a contraceptives agenda and finally an abortion agenda to exercise what they considered to be rights over their wombs. So now we have a war on babies and the wombs often led by women and men controlled by a desire for revenge and avarice.”

Unquestionably, public enemy number one remains Planned Parenthood, the long armed organization founded by Margaret Sanger, a white woman who openly wrote that “[negro children] are human weeds...who should have never been born” Her goal was the extermination of such children. The largely white-run organization's financial reports show it profits in billions of dollars exterminating children. Its clinics are conveniently always located in or near poor communities of color.

“We’re dealing with a three headed monster – Racism, Reproductive Genocide and Sexual Immorality – all three sustained by a tainted beastly heart.” said King. In the end she said with a sober voice, we have to change people's hearts and win souls to Christ.

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