Prostaglandin Abortion


As of this morning, over 105,000 people have watched the You Tube video that I posted last month describing the D and E dismemberment abortion procedure.

Last night, I posted a new video talking about the prostaglandin method of abortion, which induces delivery. See it at

After I briefly describe it (including the technique of killing the baby before induction via a needle to the heart), I have one of our medical advisors, Dr. Byron Calhoun, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, examine two babies who died by this procedure.

The bodies of the babies are intact, and were entrusted to us for burial. They show the bruise marks from the violent contractions. And the video ends in a powerful way as I bless the bodies and close the lid of the casket.

Take a look, spread the video around, and let me know what you think.


Fr. Frank Pavone



I was recently talking with one of our medical advisors who is a psychiatrist, and he was pointing out how we in the pro-life movement often think that when people are upset by seeing photos of aborted babies, or are traumatized by taking part in abortion, that there is somehow a better or more ideal reaction.

In reality, the normal human reaction to the violent killing of a child of its own species should indeed by upset and trauma. That is a sign that we are in touch with reality.

What’s far more troubling is when people see abortion – or even have one – and act like it’s “no big deal.” That is unhealthy, out of touch with reality, and downright dangerous.

For them, indeed, we must pray.

Fr. Frank

My You Tube Channel


I hope you have been tuning in to my You Tube channel ( and helping me spread far and wide the two videos I made depicting the two most common abortion procedures. We want to be able to generate news stories from the fact that these videos get a lot of viewers, so that we can spread, through the power of mass media, the reality of what abortion is, and challenge pro-abortion politicians to admit what they are talking about when they say “abortion.”

Two things that are amazing once videos like this are posted are a) the impact they have on people, as reflected in comments like, “I never knew how horrible abortion really was – we have to work to stop it”, and b) the ways that some people, who don’t want to admit this, will try all sorts of rationalizations to avoid the uncomfortable truth of the matter, as reflected in the question that one person asked me, “Are you a board certified OB-GYN?”

The implication of that question is twofold, equally false in both aspects: a) that you have to be an OB-GYN to understand how an abortion is done, and b) that abortionists are board-certified OB-GYNs.

To understand how abortions are done, you only have to be able to read. The abortionists describe it pretty clearly in their medical textbooks (like Warren Hern’s Abortion Practice) and in court testimony, and that is what we quote when explaining it.

Moreover, the law does not require an abortionist to be an OB-GYN in order to do abortions. In fact, abortionists are the lowest rung of the ladder in the medical community, and often end up doing abortions precisely because they can’t do anything else. Read the book Lime 5 to learn more about that!

Please urge people to watch the abortion videos at


Fr. Frank

No Ordinary Funeral


On Saturday, May 3, a funeral is scheduled in Michigan.  Bishop John Quinn of Detroit will offer the Mass for twenty-five babies who were murdered in nearby abortion mills, and their burial will follow. The bodies of these babies were retrieved in February and March from the garbage dumpsters behind “Woman Care” abortion mills, owned and operated by abortionist Alberto Hodari. Citizens for a Pro-life Society, headed up by my friend Monica Miller, oversaw the proper retrieval and care for the babies’ bodies and organized the funeral.


This is no ordinary funeral. There are still too many of our fellow citizens who don’t even acknowledge that the people who will be buried this Saturday are people at all. To mourn their deaths publicly, therefore, is not just to honor them, but to sound a wake-up call to our nation that we are living amidst the biggest holocaust of all time. That is why I have called upon my brother priests nationwide to bring to the attention of their congregations this weekend that children are being buried who were brutally, legally killed, and that the killing has to end.


Providentially, the Church observes the Feast of the Ascension this weekend. Jesus, in ascending into heaven forty days after his resurrection, takes our human nature to the heights of heaven. That is the hope we present to humanity. We will sit on the throne with Christ (see Rev. 3:21). It is impossible, therefore, for us to ignore the fact that those who share that same human nature are being thrown in the garbage.


Abortion has become too abstract. The word has lost its meaning. The conceptual knowledge that children are being killed is no longer enough to awaken many people to action. We need the funerals, we need to see the bodies, we need to hear the disgusting details of the abortions in order to be roused out of our moral slumber and end this killing once and for all.


Abortionist Hodari, when he disposed of these babies, also threw into the dumpster the patient records. Sadly, that is the only issue on which he may get into trouble. Of course, carelessness with patient records should be punished. But when society will punish a man for the pieces of paper he threw in the garbage but excuse him for throwing babies into that same garbage, we have become guilty of straining the gnat and swallowing the camel. We have become far worse than the Pharisees of Jesus’ day.


Two weeks after this funeral, the pro-life community of Dallas will pray at another grave, for the 25th year in a row, to honor aborted babies who are buried there…1300 of them! As my friend Monica said, “This tomb will be a place of refuge especially for grieving mothers and dads who regret that they made the decision to abort their children – a place of reconciliation.” Indeed, let the healing begin; but that can happen only when we first mourn the dead.


See details and photos of the babies at and


Fr. Frank